5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Watermarks

Have you ever second guessed why you need to use watermarks?

Being a social marketer means you have to follow the legal rules of business just as much as you follow the policies and procedures of your direct sales company. One of those business issues is copyright and watermarking. While copyright refers to the creative mind behind the idea for a graphic or idea, watermarking establishes credit for the visual content. So if you’re creating original content, here are 5 reasons why you need to use watermarks.

1. Establishes your creative credibility

How many times have you had one of your images shared? You’ve probably been Other People’s Content or “OPC” at one time or another because your graphic was visually appealing and someone liked it enough to share it. That means you have an innate talent that other people are drawn to! If many people have shared or asked to share your content, consider how you can monetize this talent.

Here’s another thing, have you ever been asked by your up-line to delete your watermark on your graphics? Just say no. You have taken your valuable time to create and pay for the graphic design program you used to create your graphics or tools. You deserve to get compensated should someone want to use your graphic. You have every right to protect your creative credibility.

2. Watermarks further your branding

As you create graphics and content, you want a general aesthetic that will stand out among all of the other content that is out on the interwebs. Watermarking helps you create a consistent look and feel of your photos and helps those that didn’t get permission to use it, give you proper credit.

As far as where to put your watermark, make sure you position it in the graphic or tool where it can’t be easily cropped, masked, but also not in a position that obstructs the image in any way.

3. Protects (a bit) of your intellectual property

While watermarking itself doesn’t protect you 100% from theft, it at leasts helps you protect your creative property as much as possible. Really, your goal with watermarking is that you receive some credit for the content you’re creating. In a world where you can’t control what happens when you press ‘post’ or ‘publish’, watermarking helps you protect your image from people trying to pass it off as their own. This along with reason #1 are the two most critical reasons why you need to use watermarks.

4. Creates a funnel back to your brand

If your content is shared, you want to ensure that people funnel back to YOU and not to the person who posted. After all, you are the one that created the content, right? You should get the traffic credit for your hard work. We know content can go viral very quickly, watermarks help you take advantage of the amount of shares your content potentially could get.

5. Watermarks prevent unauthorized use

Why make it easy for people to use your images? Watermarking makes it a bit more difficult. It also prevents other businesses and organizations from using an image they haven’t paid for or received permission to use.

Strategically watermarking your photos and graphics can also help you safeguard your branding from being removed or covered up.

There are plenty of free places to get stock images but YOUR original image isn’t on there. Keep it safe as best you can and watermark! We here at Direct Creatives are passionate about creative intellect! Don’t let your creative ideas become the ideas of others. What watermark tips do you have? Are there reasons why you need to use watermarks that aren’t listed? Let us know! We love a good watermarking chat! In fact, come on over to our FREE Facebook group, Direct Creatives Marketplace Community and share some of your tips!

5 reasons why you need to use watermarks

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