What is Direct Creatives?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “What is Direct Creatives?” Some say it’s a place for downloadable things; others describe it as a direct seller’s tool for social media content. It seems Direct Creatives has stayed this rather mysterious marketplace that has many perplexed, so let’s dive into what Direct Creatives is and what Direct Creatives isn’t.

What is Direct Creatives?

So, what is Direct Creatives? The short answer… Direct Creatives is a multivendor marketplace for direct sellers, graphic designers, creators, and makers who each have a unique storefront serving unique products for other direct sellers and small businesses.

Direct Creatives was started on the idea that social sellers should have a place to share some of the tools they use on a regular basis.
Some of these tools included:

  • Checklists
  • Planners
  • Stickers
  • Graphics
  • Social Media Part Packs
  • and More!

One of the biggest challenges of social marketing is curating original content that is engaging, eye-catching, and speaks to the intended audience. The best way to describe the platform is a digital marketplace providing various shops that market their talent to direct sellers, bloggers, small businesses, or consumers.

Through the platform and the network it creates, Direct Creatives empowers direct sellers and businesses to market, design, plan, train, and strategize more easily.

With original content being critical to the success of any social marketing strategy, many social sellers find creating graphics and party scripts tasking. Others find creating original content is their specialty. These creators have made tools for their teams, checklists to help with tax time, planner pages to stay organized, and graphics packs that are evergreen for social parties.

Over the past few months, Direct Creatives has expanded offerings to fonts, crochet/knitting patterns, logo and branding design services, stickers, stationery, templates for Thank You cards, and a lot more! Basically, anything that can be delivered to a buyer in digital form is capable of being sold on the platform. If you’re still not sure what talent you have, read this!

How Does Direct Creatives Work?

Since Direct Creatives is a digital marketplace, buyers will not find any tangible products on the site. Keeping strictly digital, Direct Creatives helps sellers avoid shipping costs, keeping overhead low with more money going to the seller’s pocket. All products offered by store owners are delivered electronically in zipped files to make downloading easy.

what is direct creatives

Many of our store owners are career creators who are able to showcase their talents via Direct Creatives. Some are consultants who are experts in branding and logo design, search engine optimization, and social media setup and auditing. Buyers can purchase packages from these experts that include one-on-one design time or consultative services. Several of our store owners have backgrounds in direct sales so buyers can be confident they are getting affordable advice and expert experience to help meet their needs.

With products listed in categories, it’s easy to search for digital products and services on the website. Many of the store owners also can be contacted via their stores, making connecting easy. Locate the item or items you want to buy, click add to your cart, pay, and you’re done! Your items are immediately available and if you’ve created an account, your items will always be available.

Direct Creatives also hosts store owners who want to provide consultative services and specialized appointments for small businesses. This is what makes the platform so unique; you can find successful brand creators, blog coaches, and more! Store owners that offer consulting, have a calendar that is easy to use and will allow you to pick your specific date to meet.

What Direct Creatives is Not

So now we’ve answered the question of what is Direct Creatives, let’s touch on what it isn’t. You won’t find any tangible products on the marketplace. Direct Creatives is strictly a digital mecca of items that store owners have created via various modes of technology. Staying true to the original idea of a marketplace for content creators and social marketing strategists allows for a low-cost way for them to monetize their talents.

Create Passive Income with Direct Creatives

We welcome all potential creators to join our Direct Creatives Marketplace Community Facebook group to learn a bit more about selling on Direct Creatives. We would also love to have you follow our Direct Creatives business page over on Facebook to learn more about our owners and our store owners. These Pinterest boards are always a great place to follow for new products and blog posts!

Content for Social Marketing Strategy

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