Using Pinterest To Increase Sales- 6 Easy Tips!

Using Pinterest to increase sales doesn’t have to be hard. We’ve put together six easy tips for you just to see how easy it can be!

We are HUGE Pinterest fans around here, and for good reason.  According to Hootsuite, as of September 2018, Pinterest boasts 250 million users every month.  Furthermore, the platform reaches 83 percent of US women between the ages of 25-54. Think of Pinterest as another search engine, much like Google, Yahoo, and others. It gathers the links and images users ‘pin’ to come up in searches a user completes on the platform.

These ever growing numbers can be used as a great way to benefit your small business, and can result in added sales and a larger customer base.  Even with the power behind Pinterest, it is important to know how to leverage the tool to your advantage.

Incorporate Pins On Your Website 

Using Pinterest to increase your product sales starts at home, your home website that is. Your website and blog can be a powerful funnel and place to display your pins.  Not only does this allow people on your sites to funnel to your Pinterest, but also vice verse!

Use A Pinterest Specific Graphic 

There is no denying that Pinterest is a very visual platform.  Optimizing graphics for the site can help you to stand out against other sellers while pulling eyes to your product pins. Generally, Pinterest recommends that images be vertical with a ratio of 2:3 aspect ratio. We have found that while a Pinterest portrait graphic is pleasing to the eye, a square graphic is just as noticeable. It’s not necessarily the graphic that makes a pin popular; the caption is just as important!

Use A Business Pinterest Account

Using Pinterest to increase sales is a smart way to see more profit for your Direct Creatives store. It’s also one of the best ways to display your shop products to a wider audience. Pins have an average lifespan of 6 months; compared to other social media channels like Facebook and Twitter which live from mere seconds to a few hours.

A business account gives you access to powerful analytics which can help you to determine what type of pins are receiving the most traffic.  With these analytics, you’ll also be able to see which boards people are pinning your pins too. This can help you to see exactly how people view your product, what pins are performing well, and what’s trending.

Consider A Pinterest Scheduler 

Posting to Pinterest at specific times can be beneficial to getting your pins more traffic.  However, determining when those times are can be cumbersome and include a lot of research.

Pinterest Schedulers, like Tailwind, can help to take the guesswork out of it by creating a custom schedule and posting directly to Pinterest on your behalf.  You can also use the tool to choose specifics dates and times to post to the platform. Tailwind can also manage multiple accounts and allows you to join collaborative groups geared towards increasing traffic.

SEO Matters When Using Pinterest To Increase Sales

While not completely the same as traditional search engine optimization, Pinterest does have an SEO feature that can benefit your sales and small business. Pinterest relies on relevancy when it comes to displaying your pins.  If your pins are on par with your customer’s Pinterest search history and their interests, your pins are more likely to show up in their feed.

When it comes to choosing keywords to focus on, there is no better tool to use than Pinterest itself. A simple search in the Pinterest search bar will reveal trending searches that people are actively entering. Read more about the power of SEO and how you can leverage it on your listings here.

Make Sure Your Pins Lead Somewhere

While it should go without saying, many business owners starting out with using Pinterest to increase sales forget to ensure that each pin actually leads to the place it can be purchased.

Imagine this, you find the PERFECT pair of shoes on Pinterest to go with a new outfit.  Excited to buy them, you click on the link. But instead of being taken to a site or blog post where you can purchase the shoes, you are taken to a simple picture of the shoes with no further information. That is how easy it is to miss a sales opportunity by not linking out to a valid source.  Make sure you are setting yourself up for sales success and that you are making it easy for customers to follow your sales funnel.

Now that you understand just how easy using Pinterest to increase your sales can be, it’s time to apply these tips to your business! Did you know we’re over on Pinterest? Give us a follow and let’s pin together!

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