Using Canva for Your Business

By guest blogger Ronni Klein. Ronni shows us how using Canva for your business can help you create engaging one-of-a-kind content.

In the world of social marketing, small business, and crafting (hey, shout out to my crafty people!), you’ve likely heard the term “Canva,” even if just in passing. It’s possible you also think someone pronounced the word “canvas.” However, Canva is basically like a blank canvas. Open it, and you dive into a world of creative possibilities. While I won’t discuss the ins and outs and the “how to” of Canva in this post, I do want to talk about using Canva for your business.

What I Use Canva For

Canva was introduced to me after I had been using another web-based graphic design program. I wanted to make my crochet patterns look a lot prettier than just a white PDF. I like to design, what can I say? The idea of crochet pattern templates had just started forming in my head as well. The program I was using at the time just wasn’t cut out for what I wanted to be able to do.

My favorite feature of Canva has to be that you can very easily create e-books, or multi-page documents right within the same project. This wasn’t possible with my previous program. This made putting my crochet patterns together SO much easier. I didn’t have to create individual documents, then merge them.

Back to the point, since I started using Canva, I’ve created so many things for my business using it:

  • My new logo & business cards
  • Crochet patterns
  • Crochet pattern templates
  • Social media posts for Facebook, Instagram (including Stories), and Pinterest

So, how can you use Canva to do the same for your business, whether you’re craft-related or not?

Logo & Business Cards

If you’re already here, you likely have some type of small business. So, you may already have a logo and hopefully some business cards, too. However, if you ever want to rebrand or try your hand at creating your own, Canva is the way to go. Create your own from a blank slate, or use one of their many templates.

In addition, did you know that Canva has a “Brand Kit?!” You can have all of your brand colors, fonts, and your logo(s) already right there. No more searching for them all. Easy access to your Brand Kit makes for quick and easy graphics.

Social Media Graphics

Speaking of graphics, all of my social media graphics are made using Canva. Since Canva has the sizes all ready to go for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, I don’t have to spend time searching for what size I need. Plus, if you are your own worst critic when it comes to graphics, or designing anything, Canva has a ton of ready-to-go templates for social media graphics, just like I mentioned above with the logos. An eye-catching graphic to go with that amazing social media post you’re about to put up? Yes, please!

E-Books & Workbooks

Putting together an e-book or workbook as an email opt-in has never been easier. I mentioned above that you could have multiple pages in one project with Canva. You can also copy your pages, so your e-book or workbook has a consistent look to it. Running a course? Whip up a quick workbook to go along with it for your subscribers. Before Canva, I thought e-books were such a daunting task, so I never made them. Now, I can’t stop.

Content Planner

There are quite a few programs out there that allow you to schedule your social media posts these days. Canva even has its own. The Canva Content Planner integrates with Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Pinterest, Twitter, and MORE! Create your graphic, and schedule it to post, all from the same website. So really, using Canva for your business makes a ton of sense since most of their graphics are so business-friendly.

Selling Your Creations

See? Using Canva for your business is easy and you can monetize those creations too! You’ve heard about Direct Creatives, right? Fun fact: Direct Creatives is a marketplace for digital products, JUST like the ones you can create on Canva. If you’ve found your groove with Canva, and think “Hey, if I wanted/needed this, someone else might too”, then I think it’s time you put that product in your Direct Creatives Store! Don’t have one yet? You can follow along with their Facebook Page, or in the Direct Creatives Marketplace Community to meet the creators and contributors that make up Direct Creatives!

Do you have some extra graphics that are taking space up on your computer? Then let’s chat about how you can start creating passive income with what you’ve already created! Email us today at for more information!

using Canva for your business

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