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Welcome to The Hooking Reader Shop. The Hooking Reader was founded and is owned by Ronni. Ronni is a wife and work-at-home mom of three kiddos. Her passions include crochet, books, coffee, and margaritas, as well as helping moms find a passion, hobby, and identity outside of MOM.

In this shop, you'll find products that make it easier for moms to do just that. If you're already a crocheter, there are patterns for you to try out. Hint: The patterns are meant mostly for kiddos, because we all know moms' minds are still on their kids even on their own time.

If you're a crochet designer, and looking to streamline your process, there are crochet pattern templates and other templates JUST. FOR. YOU. Easy-to-use Canva templates where you just plug in your pattern, pictures, and info, and you're on your way!

I know we can't spend ALL our time on our hobbies, but we can definitely accomplish other tasks more quickly to get back to our hobbies. That's why I also provide some non-professional, stay-at-home mom-created preschool lesson plans. Don't feel guilty, especially during times of quarantine, about your kids being in front of the TV. Run through a quick lesson plan with them, then get back to playing and hobbying. Is that a word? It is now.

I told you above that I love reading as much as I love crocheting, which is why I also have reading and book related products, like snarky bookmarks. Who doesn't need more snark and sarcasm in their life? Plus, if you run your own small business, they make GREAT customer or team member gifts.

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