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Hi, friends! Welcome to Blueberries N Books. My name is Jenn and I'm the owner, who is a wife of almost 20 years (how is that even possible?), mom to an almost 16 year old (really, next month- ack!). I'm originally from North Carolina, but transplanted to northern Virginia back in 2015. I'm a HUGE bookworm, book dragon, book lover- whatever you want to call it- I'm it.

In my shop, you'll find products that help you save time in your direct sales business (they have for me!) like graphic packs, engagement packs, Trello boards for planning and follow up. But I don't only like to help you save time. I love to help you with your mindset. Affirmations have helped me in so many ways that I created  affirmation journals to help you.

Come find me on my Facebook page or on Pinterest.

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