7 Easy Tips For Writing Your Ebook

There are many reasons you may be thinking of writing your ebook. Perhaps you have mastered a subject others continually ask you about. Or, you could be looking to monetize your knowledge and talents!

Regardless of the reason, we know how hard it can be to produce a quality item that you can be proud to show off to the world. Keep reading for our top seven tips for writing your first ebook which will help accomplish just that!

Pick Something You Know About

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is one of the most important steps in writing your first ebook. Choosing something you already know about helps to position you as an expert to your customers while making it fun for you to write.

Also, choosing a topic you are already familiar with can save you time when it comes to promoting your ebook as you will already have a built in audience. If you have an existing blog, email list, or social presence, you can use these avenues to reach your potential customers.

Writing Your Ebook Should Solve A Problem

While ebooks can be written on any subject or genre, generally, the most successful ones will be written to solve a specific problem. Think of the niche you serve, research the specific issues they feel they are facing, and focus on including material that solves what they feel their issues are.

Start With An Outline

Once you know your topic, it can be tempting to sit at your laptop and immediately start writing.  But doing so can lead to issues such as repeat talking points or worse – omitting important points all together.

Whether you choose to write a full outline or simply write all your points down on a sticky note, you’ll be better prepared to actually begin writing while making sure you hit all the key points that are important to your customer.

Start At The End When Writing Your Ebook

Like many other times in your business career, starting with the end goal in mind can help you formulate a clear strategy for execution. By starting with the end, essentially restating the problem that your ebook is solving, you are more likely to stay on topic when writing the rest of the text.

Proofread- Then Proofread Again

You’ve finished your ebook. Now let’s publish it!

Not. So. Fast.

It can be easy to get distracted when writing and distracted writing can many times result in easy to miss errors. Proofread your ebook when you are finished. Then, proofread it again. Better yet, reach out to a trusted friend or business accountability partner to read over the text!

Use An Easy To Read Font

We love pretty fonts as much as the next person. But, there is a time and place for fancy script typeface and blackletter fonts. When it comes to your ebook, keep it simple and easy to read for your customers.

Write A Compelling Title

Your ebook title is many times the first contact your customer will have with your product. Even before they see an excerpt or reviews, the title can be used to grab their attention and pull them in. Think of your customer while crafting your title. Use their interests and desires to pull them in and get them excited for your ebook before they even click through to the purchase page!

Where to list it

Once you’ve got your ebook ready to go, how will you share it with the world? That’s where we come in! Become a vendor with Direct Creatives and start getting your ebook into customer’s hands.  Click here for more details on signing up with us today!

Bonus Tips!

Check out this quick read which should help spark some ideas for content for your new ebook!

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