What Can I Sell On Direct Creatives?

Direct Creatives is a digital marketplace designed by and for small business owners, direct sellers and solopreneurs. Currently, Direct Creatives supports the sale of digital products such as printables (self/team assessments, business tracking forms, etc), digital graphics (for personal and/or commercial use) and other downloadable, digital assets designed for personal or professional development and use. Direct Creatives also supports one time virtual services via our unique booking system.

What Is The Difference Between Downloadable And Virtual Products?

When uploading products and services to Direct Creatives, you will be given the opportunity to choose between a virtual product and a downloadable product.

A downloadable product is one that is sold "as is." It does not require any customization and is delivered to the customer as soon as the sales transaction is complete.

Virtual products are any other non-shippable products that require customization. In situations where virtual products are for sale, the consumer will complete their purchase and provide the vendor with details of what they are requesting. The vendor will then complete the request and send the final downloadable project to the consumer with the requested customization.

Can I Sell Products With A Brand Name Or Logo On Them?

To protect trademark and copyright laws and align with brand specific policies and procedures, Direct Creatives can not approve products to the platform with brand specific names or logos on them.

Can I Sell a Monthly Subscription Service On Direct Creatives?

Currently, Direct Creatives only supports a one time sales transaction and does not support monthly subscription services. Please continue to check back with us as we are always looking to expand our platform in the future.

How Do I Ship My Digital/Printable Products?

When you upload a new digital product to sell on Direct Creatives, you will also upload the full, digital file to be delivered to the purchaser upon payment. Delivery is instant and automatic once payment has been received. No need to worry about shipping fees, packaging or multiple trips to the Post Office!

What Is Product Approval And How Does It Work?

At Direct Creatives, we use product approval to maintain a strong integrity across all of our product channels. This means that all products must be reviewed by an administrator before being approved to the Direct Creatives site. Doing this ensures all products are of the highest quality and that they do not violate any of our terms or conditions. We strive to approve products as quickly as possible. Product approval can take up to, but will not exceed, 72 hours.

Should any issues arise during product approval (downloadable file not attached, price not listed, etc) reasonable attempts will be made to contact the vendor via the primary e-mail address associated with their vendor store.

Does It Cost Any Money Up Front To Open A Shop?

Direct Creatives offers three vendor membership levels to best meet your needs.  The introductory membership, the Side Hustler, includes a FREE Direct Creatives vendor store as well as the opportunity to list up to ten ready to download products.  

Our second tier membership, the Business Builder, allows you to list up to 25 ready to download AND customizable products for $149 per year.  

The Enterprise membership, our top tier, gives you the option to list unlimited products- both ready to download and customizable.  With this level, you will also be able to access our unique booking system to offer even more online services to your customer base.  This package, available for $299 per year, also includes a fully integrated Influencer Package to further boost your marketing presence. 

What Costs Are Involved With Running A Shop?

You can get started with a vendor account on Direct Creatives for FREE!

To expand your vendor presence, you can choose one of our two amazing premium memberships or shop from our a la carte Influencer Packages.

As a vendor, you are responsible for any applicable vendor fees assessed by Stripe, our vendor payment platform. See their full list of terms and fees HERE.

Do I Need To Be In The US To Open A Shop?

At this time, all Direct Creative Vendor Shops must be US based. Continue to check back with us frequently as we look forward to expanding into other territories.

Do I Need A Business License To Open A Shop?

Direct Creatives doesn’t collect any license information from you because every country has different requirements. However, you are expected to understand and comply with all local laws which apply to your business type and obtain all relevant business licenses and sellers’ permits where and when applicable.

What Protection Do I Have As A Seller?

Misunderstandings can arise, and it’s good to know about your protection options. Payments on Direct Creatives are processed by the Stripe payment platform. Each payment platform has specific processes in place to settle any disputes that may arise. As Direct Creatives is the facilitator of the sale, connecting seller and buyer, any disputes regarding payment must be handled directly via Stripe, the payment processor. You can see the policies HERE.

Do I Need To Pay Taxes On My Earnings?

Any earnings that you receive from Direct Creatives are your responsibility to manage appropriately within your local country/state/municipality. We cannot provide advice on how you should proceed to pay taxes on your earnings as tax laws vary greatly from country to country. We encourage you to seek out professional advice on tax-law and filing taxes. While the specifics of your country’s (or state or municipality) tax laws might be different, there is a probable chance that your government still wants you to declare your income.

How Do I Manage My Sales Taxes?

As a shop owner/seller on Direct Creatives, it is your responsibility to manage any local sales taxes that may apply to your sales. For example, for Canadian authors, sales taxes such as Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) may apply on sales to Canadian buyers. For Australia authors, GST may apply. For US authors, US Sales Taxes may apply to some US buyers. We recommend that you talk to a tax advisor or accountant to find out if you have a sales tax responsibility in your area. As all products sold on Direct Creatives are digital goods, you will need to find out if your area applies sales taxes to digital goods. In many states in the US, digital goods are not taxed. You should speak to your tax advisor to ensure you are taking appropriate steps. In the US, for example, you need to determine what states you have nexus in, and those states you should account for sales tax in (if sales tax applies to the products you sell in that location). Make sure to check the relevant rates to charge. Most countries require some form of registration in order to send your sales taxes in. Talk to your tax advisor to ensure you are taking appropriate steps. Please note that we cannot provide advice on how you should proceed to pay taxes on your earnings as tax laws vary greatly from country to country. We encourage you to seek out professional advice on tax-law and filing taxes.

What Are Direct Creatives' Commission Payouts?

Direct Creatives offers competitive commission payouts for all three of our tiered membership plans.

Side Hustler- 60% Commission Payout

Business Builder- 70% Commission Payout

Enterprise- 80% Commission Payout

How Will I Be Billed For Commission Fees?

Commission fees due to Direct Creatives will be automatically deducted from the completed sale. The Seller’s payout will be net of all commission fees due to Direct Creatives.

Who is Responsible For Payment Processing Fees?

Vendors are responsible for any applicable payment processing. Please view Stripe for the most up to date payment processing structure.

How Will I Receive Payment For Sales?

Commission payouts are immediately deposited into a vendor's account upon successful completion of each sale. Direct Creatives utilizes Stripe online payment processing for both customer payments and vendor payouts. By participating in the Direct Creatives vendor program, you agree to the Stripe Connected Account Agreement. A copy of the agreement can be found HERE.

You MUST be connected to Stripe in order to list products and receive payment on sales.

How Do I Set Up My Stripe Account?

Signing up for your Stripe account is easy!  Visit the Stripe account creation website, provide your email address, full name, and create a password. Activate your account from the Stripe dashboard and you'll be ready to start receiving commissions within minutes!

How Do I Add a Banner to My Shop?

You will be able to add a banner to your Direct Creatives shop in two seperate places. The first option will be during the initial set up of your Direct Creatives shop. To upload a shop banner once your vendor account has already been created, visit My Store > Settings. Recommended banner size is 1650 x 350 pixels. If you do not upload a custom banner for your shop, a site wide default image will be used. We highly recommend uploading a custom shop banner to reinforce your branding and shop’s unique identity.

How Do I Delete My Shop?

We hate to see you go, but understand that sometimes, life happens!  If you need to delete your shop for any reason, choose the “Contact Admin” button from your Vendor Dashboard and send us a message including the email address associated with your shop.  Our team of admins will work to verify your shop has no outstanding orders and take the next steps to delete your shop.

How Do I Renew My Vendor Membership?

Excluding launch special pricing which will be renewed at the launch price, vendor membership is renewed each year automatically at the current membership price. You will receive email communication prior to your membership renewal anniversary to remind you of your upcoming renewal.

How Do I List a Printable Product?

From your vendor My Account page, navigate to Store Manager. Select Products > Add New to enter in your product details. Here, you will also be able to select your product category, tags, write a product description, and upload photos of your product.

What happens when I reach my product limit for my Direct Creatives store?

When uploading a product that is over your store capacity, you will be presented with three separate options to choose from. First, you will have the option to delete a current product to upload your new product. Secondly, you will be offered an extra slot for your additional product at a nominal fee. Lastly, you will also be able to upgrade your store at this time to make room for additional products in your storefront.

How Do I Add Instant Downloads To My Printable Product Listing?

From the Add Product page, choose "Downloadable" from the menu under the product description. This will allow you to add your downloadable file.

What Is The Download Limit?

The download limit will be the number of times your customer is able to download the file they purchase from you on Direct Creatives. As a vendor of Direct Creatives, you are able to set your own download limit for your digital products. Leave this field blank if you want your customer to be able to download the product as many times as they would like.

What Is The Download Expiry?

The download expiry is how many days a customer has to download their link before it expires.  For example, if you have the download expiry set at one day, it would expire one day after the customer purchases the item. Leave this field blank if you want your customer to be able to access their link with no expiration.

How Do I Link An Additional Product To My Listing?

You are able to link an additional published product while uploading a new product by using the "Linked" menu on the left hand side of your product upload screen. Here, you will be able to choose from your published products.

Can I Sell Custom Printables?

Several of the membership tiers offered through Direct Creatives do offer the flexibility to be able to sell custom items such as printables, logos, and more.

How Do I Add Variations To My Listing, Such As Color Or Size?

From the "Add Products" page, choose the "Attributes" menu. Here, you will be able to add in different variations to your listing.

How Do I Offer A One Time Virtual Service?

One time virtual services such as social media audits or one on one coaching sessions can be booked by our Enterprise level vendors utilizing Direct Creatives unique booking system.

Can More Than One Person Use The Same Direct Creatives Account?

Direct Creatives Vendor Memberships are currently intended to be use by one individual or LLC. Continue to check back frequently for additional membership tiers, including multiple users, as they may become available upon future releases.

How Can I Manage My Shop on the Go?

Good news! We have a free app for vendors on Android. This app makes it easy for you to manage your products, analyze sales, and track orders right from a mobile or tablet.

You may download this from Google Play Store to your android mobile device easily. You just have to go into Google Play Store app and search for “WCFM Store Manager“ and click install.

Once installed, there are three fields for you to fill out:

  • Site URL – directcreatives.com
  • Username – YOUR user name
  • Password – YOUR password

What can I Do in the App?

New products can only be added to your shop via the website interface. However, once your products have been listed and approved, just about anything else can be done on the go:

  • View and track orders
  • Respond to customer inquiries
  • Edit product fields (such as price)
  • Receive notifications for important events (such as when you receive a new review)

Is there an iPhone App?

The iPhone app is still in development, but we expect to be able to release it soon. If you want to know when the app will be ready, be sure to subscribe to our seller's mailing list.

What Happens To My Products If I Delete My Shop?

Upon a vendor's cancellation, Direct Creatives will hide and hold the store and product collateral for 30 days, after which time it will be deleted from the system.

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