8 Reasons You Need PicMonkey for Your Direct Sales Business

Finding the right graphics creation program can be hard! With so many options out there, you probably find yourself signing up for trial periods of one and then not having enough time to play with it or test drive it. Then the next thing you know, you’re the proud owner of an annual membership to Photoshop! Or Canva! Or PicMonkey! Or all 3! Well, before that happens again, check out these 8 reasons you need PicMonkey for your direct sales business! This should help make your decision a little bit easier.

Many of our Direct Creatives store owners use PicMonkey is a basic graphics design program that is easy to use, has a slight learning curve, and can be learned in less than a day. It is the ease of use and the reasons below why we think it’s one of the top programs you should invest in for your business. In a world full of content, make your content stand out and show off your creativity at the same time! In fact, it’s one of our favorite graphics programs for customizing a character avatar!

PicMonkey is easy to use

No joke, if you can click and drag, then you’ve learned the first thing! With a ton of graphics, images, photos, and a pretty robust font library, PicMonkey is as easy as choosing the layout by the social media platform you’re posting to and then get to creating. To be a good graphics creator, you don’t need lines and shapes. You can simply use photos or images and fonts to make an original piece. Add a watermark and you’re done.

PicMonkey has built in stock photos

This alone will save you a TON of time searching the web for royalty free stock photos. (available in the PRO version and above) These photos already come with a commercial license, thanks to your paid subscription to PicMonkey, so you never have to worry if you’re infringing on a creator’s copyright. By itself, reason number two scores high on why you need to invest in PicMonkey.

Storage in the Cloud

Even with the Basic plan, PicMonkey allows 1GB of storage, giving you space for your most precious templates. If you upgrade, you’ll have unlimited storage with organizing capabilities so you don’t have to worry about clogging up your computer’s hard drive. Plus, give yourself peace of mind that you will always have your images wherever you access PicMonkey, even on mobile!

A huge selection of fonts available

One of the reasons you need PicMonkey for your direct sales business is to experiment with fonts. Buying fonts can get expensive. Play with various fonts before you find a font family you love. Maybe you like handwritten fonts or possibly more playful ones speak to you. Once you start putting them in your graphics, you may find a couple you like that compliment nicely. And boom! You’ve just saved yourself time and money on a font!

Smart resize (PRO and above only)

Have a graphic you REALLY like but you created it for Facebook and you want to share a version of it for Instagram? Have no fear! Use smart resize and PicMonkey will automatically resize your graphic to fit the social channel selected. This makes creating and using evergreen content so much easier!

Hundreds of icons & graphics

PicMonkey has one of the most extensive graphics and icon libraries for the price. Whimsical, modern, simple, comic, floral, you name it; PicMonkey has it. All of their graphics are overlays, which means they can be put over another image, making fun posts for Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories. The graphics library is awesome for making themed party scripts too!

Organize your PicMonkey hub

Since PicMonkey PRO and above gives unlimited cloud storage, you can use the Hub to organize your graphics, printables, flyers, and more by project or topic. Put all of your party graphics into one file or organize by script, making it EASY to find the theme you’re looking for and to reuse graphics.

Create an Instagram grid

One of the last reasons you need PicMonkey is to help step up your Instagram game. You know those cool Instagram grids that seem to all be connected together, but are yet all separate pictures or graphics? Yup. You can do that with PicMonkey! Using the grid lines and crop tool, you can make one cohesive 3×3 Instagram grid perfect for product spotlights and is visually appealing to your followers. After all, Instagram is the place to show off your creative skills so why not WOW them with a fun connected grid?!

PicMonkey makes your life easy

So as you can see, PicMonkey can save you a TON of time in your direct sales business while you’re batching and creating graphics! Imagine going to one place to create your quote graphics, party graphics, Instagram graphics, Pinterest graphics, and printables! It’s for these reasons and many, many more, that we highly suggest PicMonkey as a graphics program to use for your business. Do you already use PicMonkey? Share with us below what your favorite feature is!

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