Virtual Party Checklist – VALENTINES


The Virtual Party Checklist is an easy-to-use, visually-appealing document with space for host, party, and guest information keeping each event neat and organized. Themed pink for Valentine’s Day.


Can’t remember where you wrote down your host’s address for their rewards or what item they told you they really wanted to get and just dont have the time to scroll back through your entire conversation?
Did Guest A attend the live event or was it Guest B? How many guests from Host As party joined your VIP group and who was it that told you they wanted to schedule a party?

Keeping everything for a single party in your head or on chicken scratch paper can be stressful, and what if a family member thought your notes were for recycling because the toddler colored all over with markers? You feel like you’ve tried it all: a party notebook (too bulky to carry around), loose sheet of paper (keep mysteriously disappearing), in your head (I thought I’d remember!), fancy multi-page party planner (keep running out of ink + paper and so many extra fields I don’t need!) and still nothing seems to work.
Why can’t there be a simple, visually-appealing yet easy-to-print one-page checklist that covers everything I need to know about a host and party both during the event and acts as a reference sheet after?

The Virtual Party Checklist is here and ready to meet all of those criteria plus look nice with fun seasonal backgrounds you’ll be more excited (and relaxed) partying than ever before!

Document contains space space for:
~ host information including contact info and wishlist favorites
~ party information including sales total and prize winners
~ guest information with easy to use checklists regarding their RSVP, attendance, personal messaging, ordering statuses and more


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Creating these products for you has allowed me to explore my digital creativity and and artistic abilities I didn’t even know I had. I hope you enjoy using them as much as I did creating them and would love to see how you use them in your business!

Virtual Party Checklist – VALENTINES