Vendor Event Survey


Vendor events can be a fabulous way to find new customers and even better booking and sponsoring leads.  The key is to work them well so they are worth your time and effort.

Of course that means a simple way to collect contact information so you can follow up later!

This quick and easy survey template along with a detailed how-to video will get you started!


This freebie is value-packed!

The Vendor Event Survey includes

  • A survey template
  • A detailed how-to video
  • How to use a QR Code to share your survey

You’ll receive a pdf download with links to everything you need!



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Hi, I’m Ja!
Yeah, that’s the whole name. I don’t know what Mom & Dad were thinking, but it’s all mine. It’s pronounced Jay, but I won’t hold it against you if you mispronounce it. I’m use to it. 😉
I’m a mom of two teenage daughters and wife extraordinaire! (Own it ladies!)

I’ve been working in direct sales for 20 years. I love the flexibility, the financial freedom and the friendships…where would a girl be without her tribe?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of successful direct sales consultants who have been generous enough to share ideas and pour into me as I grew my direct sales organization.

I’ve discovered insight on what makes a big difference in those who are running successful, thriving businesses and those who are stuck on the hamster wheel trying to get started.

I’m passionate about paying it forward and helping direct sales consultants grow profitable, income-producing businesses.

We’re better together. Always!
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Vendor Event Survey