Text Party Template and Training


Your Text Party Template and Training includes a Project Broadcast Campaign code, worksheets, and video training to help you set up your own text party quickly and easily. Your hosts and guests will thank you for not having to be on Facebook for their next party Learn more about what a text party is here.


Are you ready to ditch Facebook parties and learn text parties? Do you want to meet people where they are, but you’re not sure where to even start? Let me help you hit the easy button! This Text Party Template and Training is for you! Here’s what’s included:

  • Access to Your Own Learning Portal
  • Text Party Campaign Code for Project Broadcast
  • Templates and Workbook with prompts to help you set up your party in YOUR VOICE and YOUR BRAND, no matter which company you’re with
  • Video Training Series to Walk You Through Set-Up and Implementation

If you’re looking for a Facebook party alternative for your direct sales or social selling business, don’t just settle for a group chat, no one likes those. Elevate your party experience with my Text Party Template and Training. Your customers are going to thank you!


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Are you looking for a more profitable alternative to Facebook parties for your direct sales business?

Hey, I get it! You aren’t making enough money compared to the effort you’re putting in. You’re overwhelmed, exhausted, and feel like Facebook notifications are running your business. (maybe, even your life?)

So, now what are you supposed to do? Finding a reliable solution is one thing, and learning it is quite another, and you’re busy! You don’t have time to tackle this on your own.

But, guess what? You aren’t alone, I’m here and I’ve got you!

My Direct Creatives Shop was designed with you in mind, to help you save time, effort, and make more money by learning how to ditch Facebook parties and switch to text parties.

Here at Text Savvy Society, I provide Text Party Training and SMS Marketing Solutions for Your Direct Sales Business.

Hey, I’m Lindsay Heidelberger, Your #TextBestie

I’ve been in direct sales as a Pampered Chef consultant for 4 years. Text Savvy Society was created because I was looking for a way to take my direct sales parties off Facebook. I created text parties by thinking outside of the box and applying the skills I’ve learned like copywriting, social media marketing, branding, etc., and incorporating it with Project Broadcast. Once I started running text parties, others started asking for my training, and here we are!

I want to help you hit the easy button!

My goal is to help you have direct sales success and rely on Facebook less. I want to help you be more intentional with the time you spend on social.

Whether you’re looking for done for you text party templates, custom template creation, 1:1 trainings, consultations, or strategy sessions you’ll find it all here!

Have a special request or looking for something super specific? I am a problem solver and thinking outside the box is my favorite thing ever. Shoot me an email at hello@textsavvysociety.com and I’ll help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

I look forward to working with you and helping you take your business to the #TextLevel !

Lindsay | The Text Party Lady

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Text Party Template and Training