Halloween Witch Wardrobe for your Avatar


BACK FROM THE VAULT! Where are all the Halloween lovers? There are so many fun pieces in this avatar dress-up bundle…  Whether your avatar is getting ready for a fun Halloween party, staying in for the night, or just needs a new sassy Halloween tee, this digital clothing pack has her covered! Great for all your Halloween social media graphics. This bundle of digital outfits (& more!) can work with other avatars, but was specifically designed to fit the straight & curvy avatar body types from Sassy Suite. See full description for more information.  

Avatar body not included. These are digital products. Your png files will be available for download immediately after purchase.



BACK FROM THE VAULT!   ***Note from the squirrel:  I really debated about bringing back my avatar clothing packs because the avatar that I created these designs to fit, is no longer available. However, I know that a lot of people already own that avatar… AND some people have used them for other avatars. Plus, I spent a lot of time on these and then wasn’t able to offer them for very long, so here they are! I have other packs in various stages of creation that I may go ahead and complete if there’s interest.***   Halloween Witch Wardrobe/Costumes for your Avatar  Ready for Halloween? Your avatar can now dress up (or down) with these fun outfits. Which witch outfit is your favorite? Personalize your avatar and add her to your Halloween social media graphics. Fit – While they can work with other avatars, the clothes in this digital pack were specifically designed to fit the avatars from Sassy Suite. All outfits for the Straight AND Curvy style Avatars are now included! This also gives you 2 sizes to choose from for fitting with other avatars.   Included in this digital clothing bundle are the following:

  • Bow-trimmed Dress in 6 colors: Purple, Orange, Teal, Pink, Green, and Gray
  • Matching Bow-trimmed Hat in same 6 colors
  • Striped-Heel Booties in same 6 colors
  • Striped-Heel Pumps in same 6 colors
  • Striped Tights in 7 color patterns (When I can’t decide, you get it all!)
  • Candy Corn Witch dress
  • Candy Corn striped tights
  • Spiderweb Dress with optional Web Capelet
  • Matching Webby Hat, complete with Spider (2 versions included)
  • Long Black Gloves
  • Sheer Black Tights
  • 3 Fun Comfy Halloween Tees
  • Mix & Match the T-shirts with Leggings, Pajama Pants or Comfy Shorts
  • 3 Witch Brooms brooms in 2 shades each
  • Black Cat
  • Friendly Spider
  • Bonus: Halloween Background Image

  This is a digital product. The .png files for these pieces will be available for download immediately after purchase.   Check back soon with Sassy Squirrel Studio to see what other fun outfits are coming for your avatar!  I have a list of ideas planned, but feel free to let me know if your avatar has a wardrobe wishlist – (or if you’d like to be notified when I release new packs .) I make no guarantees, but I’d love to know what avatars are wanting to wear these days.  


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Halloween Witch Wardrobe for your Avatar