Direct Sales Social Media/Follow-up Tools


Direct Sales Social Media/Follow-up Tools are great to help you get organized.  Do you own a small business or run a direct sales business and struggle with staying organized, staying on track or looking for some best practice tips?  That is where the Direct Sales Social Media/Follow-up Tools come in for you.

Have you ever wondered how the successful consultants stay organized an on track?  Maybe you wonder what they are doing that you can do to be as successful.  That is exactly what the Direct Sales Social Media/Follow-up Tools can do for you.  Gives you the tools and information to help you be successful.

No matter what your direct sales business these tools will be perfect and help you get organized and stay on track.


DS Social Media/Follow-up Tools

This package of Direct Sales Social Media/Follow-up Tools is a great place to start in getting organized so you can rock your business.  There are both forms and information sheets provided. 

Direct Sales Social Media/Follow-up Tools includes PDF files of:

  • Booking tips info
  • Customer order log
  • Daily checklist
  • Follow-up information
  • Gathering and follow-up info forms
  • Gathering notes form
  • Guest info form
  • Happy mail info
  • Home show hostess coaching example
  • Hostess coaching outline (long)
  • Monthly goal planner
  • Online show hostess coaching example
  • Weekly plan


DO NOT share or redistribute!

These sheets are for your use only.  You may not sell, share, or otherwise distribute these documents for any reason


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Welcome to Treehouse Creative Nook a corner of My Secret Treehouse! I am here to help you by providing fun graphics and other useful tools to help you succeed in your business.  I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Nitra and I am the mother of a 1st grader, work full time as an Administrative Assistant at the school district and I sell Tupperware and Usborne Books & More so understand how important it is to have tools that help make life easier.

I know when I first started I had no ideas about how to create my own graphics and so only used the ones provided by my company.  The problem with that is most everyone else is doing the same thing so I did not stand out.  Once I learned how to create my own graphics I found that I liked finding ways to make my images stand out from everyone else.

Now I want to help other people who are new or just don’t have the time to create original graphics have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.  I also want to share tools I have created that can help save you time and help you get organized in your business so you can focus on customer service and your family.

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Direct Sales Social Media/Follow-up Tools