Direct Sales Business Summer Checklists


Printable PDF file contains both checklists.  This is a digital download.


Direct Sales Business Summer Checklists

Two printable Direct Sales business checklists to help you keep on track this summer!  This is a single PDF file.

  1. DIRECT SALES SUMMER TO DO LIST:  Write up your summer to do list and check off all those boxes.  Writing down your tasks and intentions is telling your brain “Let’s do this!”.  And when you check those tasks off the list,  you enjoy the glow of a job well done.
  2. DIRECT SALES SUMMER READING LIST:  Owning a direct sales business is like a self improvement crash course.  Check out the books that have had the greatest impact on my own direct sales business,  and add them to your summer reading list with the Direct Sales Summer Reading List checklist.



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Do you feel overwhelmed with your direct sales or online business?

Friend, I hear it!! You’ve got a business to run, and a finite number of hours in the day. That means you don’t want to be bogged down with the ten dollar tasks. You want to be free for the hundred – or even million dollar tasks.

And you totally CAN BE.

Enter… Butterflies, Betz | Direct Sales Time Saving Resources

Through my Direct Creatives products, I can help free up your time, so you can spend more time doing what you love. And have a healthier business, too!

Meet Betsy Dirks – aka Your Mama Butterfly

Hi! I’m Betsy!

I’ve been in direct sales as a doTERRA essential oils consultant for over 8 years. During my time in direct sales, I have learned skills like creating beautiful graphics, content planning, blogging, copywriting, sales strategies, and more!  In fact, I do my essential oil business entirely online. I’m still very active with my direct sales business – and active with leading my team.

So I well understand the stress you can feel when you need to make a post on social media, but you’re missing that perfect graphic.

Or you need to be in 16 places all at the same time, while meeting a sales goal, and STILL need to post on social media today.

I get it!! And I want to make life easier for you.

Through my Direct Creatives shop, you get to use my skills to help YOU maximize your time.  My passion is creating beautiful and engaging graphics for you to post on your social media, but I like to throw in a few surprises from time to time!

If you have any special requests, please reach out. I’m here to support your direct sales journey however I can. In fact, I probably have a graphics pack or printable for that.

For now, let’s go shop!

Butterflies,  Betz

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Direct Sales Business Summer Checklists