Boots -N- Buckles Virtual Party Graphics + Engagement Content for Direct Sellers


Boots -N- Buckles Virtual Party Graphics + Engagement Content for Direct Sellers is a wild Western- themed Virtual or Text Party “experience” and Social Media Content Graphics pack that will save you time and engage your online audience. These fun, cowboy/cowgirl graphics are sure to pop off the screen, stop the scroll, and encourage authentic engagement ..perfect for your next direct sales Facebook, Instagram, or Project Broadcast party.  Or use them as stand-alone graphics for content planning or National Day Celebrations in your customer groupFacebook business page, or Instagram feed.
This theme is also available in an Social Media Engagement Content ONLY version.


Look, you’re in Direct Sales.. and that “hustle” is no joke. In today’s busy (and uncertain) world, we are faced with countless decisions on where we should invest our precious time and brain power.  You know people don’t want to come to the same product-driven Facebook party that every other direct seller is offering.. You know people will participate more if the content is fun and engaging.. AND you know they will book parties and join your community if they had a good time! But coming up with a creative, fun and engaging experience is a time-consuming process and can get frustrating when you have other things constantly pressing on you and drawing you away.  The Boots -N- Buckles  Virtual Party Graphics + Engagement Content for Direct Sellers  is your solution!

  • I’ve created a unique and distinctive graphics pack for direct sellers that you can use for your next Facebook Party, Text/Project Broadcast Party, Social Media event, or as stand-alone graphics for social media engagement during National Day Celebrations like National Barbecue Month, National Day of the Cowboy, or 4th of July. All the hard work has been done for you.. just add your personal branding, and some custom text, and your graphics are ready to go!
  • 20+ ready-to-go posts, including everything from the Points Game to engagement posts.. fun quotes to purposeful content that will make your party flow smoothly!  
  • Available in three formats. Landscape optimized for Facebook (1192x1000px) or Large Square optimized for Instagram (1000x1000px) or  Small Square optimized for Project Broadcast (300x300px). Choose the format that suits you best!
  • I’ve also included a 4-page PDF with insights and suggestions on how to use your new graphics as well as a list of National Day Celebrations that would make great reasons to either have a party or use as a springboard for your social media content, for example:
    • May ideas Natl Barbecue Month; Natl Play Outside Day – 1st Saturday; Memorial Day – Last Monday; Natl Apple Pie Day – 5/13; Natl Dance Like a Chicken Day; Natl Barbecue Day – 5/16; International Being You Day – 5/22;
    • June ideas Natl Great Outdoors Month; Natl Camping Month; National Country Cooking Month; Natl Play Outside Day – 1st Saturday; Natl Prairie Day – 1st Saturday; Natl Trails Day – 1st Saturday; Father’s Day – 3rd Sunday; Summer; Natl Moonshine Day – 6/5; Natl Jerky Day – 6/12; Natl Go Fishing Day – 6/18; Natl American Eagle Day – 6/20;
    • July ideas Natl Grilling Month; Natl Natl Baked Beans Month; Natl Play Outside Day – 1st Saturday; Natl Cow Appreciation Day – 2nd Tuesday; Natl Day of the Cowboy – 4th Saturday; July 4th; Natl Beans & Franks Day – 7/13; I Love Horses Day – 7/15;
    • August ideas Family Fun Month; Natl Play Outside Day – 1st Saturday; Global Sleep Under the Stars Night – 8/8; Natl Ride the Wind Day – 8/23; Natl Eat Outside Day – 8/31;
    • September ideas Natl Americana Month; Natl Square Dance Month;
    • Western State National Days Kansas – 1/29; California – 2/22; Texas – 3/2; Oregon – 3/8; Nebraska – 4/5; N. Dakota – 4/19; S. Dakota – 4/26; Montana – 5/3; Washington – 5/10; Idaho – 5/17; Wyoming – 5/24; Utah – 5/31; Oklahoma – 6/7; New Mexico – 6/14; Arizona – 6/21; Nevada – 10/28
  • Putting together a Facebook Party or Text Party has never been easier!  All YOU have to do is add in your products!

The Boots -N- Buckles Virtual Party Graphics + Engagement Content for Direct Sellers Includes:
  • 20 Ready-made images (just add your logo/watermark and go!)
  • 2 “optional version” images
  • 2 themed blank backgrounds  (24 graphics total)
  • a 4-page PDF with insights to using these graphics to increase engagement and offer value to your audience
  • available for immediate download
  • high-res PNGs optimally sized for Facebook at 11920x1000px OR Instagram at 1000x1000px  OR Project Broadcast 300x300px
  • Personal Business Use ONLY

  • DO NOT share or redistribute!
    • By purchasing these digital files, you agree to use them for personal business use only and not to share and/or sell them to other people and/or businesses, including but not limited to other members of your team or company.
  • PLEASE DO add your logo/watermark before posting.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Valerie Vaughn (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE these graphics! Janet is amazing and so helpful!

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Highly recommend

Posted onApril 16, 2022 by Valerie Vaughn

I absolutely LOVE these graphics! Janet is amazing and so helpful!

Hi! I’m Janet Roach (rhymes with “planet” and yes, just like the bug) and I’m Just a Girl Searching for Gum who likes to create and design under the brand J. LaRaine Photography & Graphics and likes to play and start shenanigans under the brand Redhead Tree Frog. I can usually be found roaming around the Pacific Northwest, with a camera in one hand and a coffee in the other. And I really am always looking for gum.

Now, I love a good Virtual Party. But if I get invited to another generic beach-themed party where it’s a bunch of generic product pictures and generic engagement posts with a random palm tree or pineapple slapped on it, I’m gonna pitch a fit. I want a theme that makes me sit up and think, “hm.. what’s this about?” I want graphics that grab my attention and make me pause my mindless scrolling. But I get it. The creative process is time-consuming and you’ve got a lot going on. You’re in Direct Sales, Girl. That “hustle” is hard. Plus, your family probably wants dinner tonight. That’s where I come in.

(Wait.. That is.. I mean.. I can help save you time and frustration in your “hustle” .. I can’t come cook dinner for your family.. sorry.)

I make super unique party themes and social media engagement content jam-packed with fun engagement and eye-catching graphics. My design aesthetic? Like, dark & moody, or bright, rich, & vibrant colors, or monochromatic/grayscale color schemes.. One thing you won’t see around here is a lot of pastels. I also love juxtaposing design elements like clean lines with rough textures.. or like elegant grunge. And you will see plenty of humor with a dash of snark throughout my designs.

If you are looking for dark, bold, vibrant graphics..
graphics full of texture and a touch of humor and sarcasm..
I’m your graphic girl.

If you see a product that interests you but it’s just not quite right, shoot me message or email and we can talk about customization options.

And if you just want to come hangout with me, all the fun & shenanigans happen here Just a Girl Searching for Gum or on Instagram @redheadtreefrog .. follow me for the fun of it! You know you want to.

Or if you are more interested in the creative design and personal branding things, that happens here J. LaRaine’s Creative Space or on Instagram @jplanetorange .

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