6 Creative Ways to Market Your Products for Valentine’s Day

Stuck trying to find creative ways to market your products for Valentine’s Day? Valentine’s Day is considered the first major holiday of the new year for retailers. Beginning to market your products early is a common strategy among small and large businesses. January is typically a slow month for small businesses as customers recover from the holiday shopping sprees. Save these ideas because in reality they can be applied to just about any holiday throughout the year!

Let’s dive in and see how you can leverage Valentine’s Day and get your year started off on the right foot!

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ways to market your products for Valentine's Day

Take a look at your current product lineup and identify which ones would be suited to market for Valentine’s Day. Locate items that are red, pink, silver, or rose gold as those tend to catch the eye too! Once you have those identified, you can then decide which products you’ll include in your marketing plan. If any of your products fit in these categories, there’s a good chance the right people will see them:

  • Flowers
  • Chocolate
  • Jewelry
  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Virtual Date Nights
  • Candy

Over the years, Valentine’s Day has morphed into an event much larger than one centered around romance. People buy for their loved ones and even pets! Many shoppers grab last-minute gifts, making this holiday one of the easiest for shipping times and availability of items. So it’s safe to say, your marketing plan doesn’t have to be a long one! Start to market your products for Valentine’s Day towards the middle of January and you should be good!

Launch Valentine’s Promotions

Promotions like free shipping, bounce-back offers, and free items always attract additional sales. If you have the ability to offer gift wrapping (inventory-based businesses) this is another way to attract potential buyers. For non-inventory-based businesses, consider sending fun packaging for the holiday, making gift wrapping easy for your buyers.

Leverage Your Email List

Shoppers love emails! While you don’t want to just send out a promo email right away, start engaging your email list early in January with valuable content focused on giving gifts throughout the year, sharing trending gift ideas, new date night activities, and new recipes. This is also a great way to offer your subscribers a personal shopping list. Collect their wishlist and an email address of their gift giver so that you can send the wishlist with a link to your site to purchase the items. Boom! Makes shopping easy and the recipient gets the gifts they actually want!

Once you’ve identified your ideal Valentine’s Day products, start sharing those links in your email marketing so it’s in front of your shoppers as soon as possible. While shipping times aren’t as critical as they are around Christmas, keep in mind the average shipping times of your company (if you’re a direct seller) as this will play a role in when the drop-dead date to order should be.

ways to market your products for valentines day pin

Create Baskets of Multiple Items

Shoppers are visual and some may find shopping from a catalog overwhelming and avoid it. Create baskets or virtual baskets of smaller items that can be bundled together with other things, like wine glasses or chocolates. This helps your customers visualize your products with other items, helping to make a decision much easier. Staging your products in photos on your social media channels in a way that showcases them can help your visual customers get inspiration.

Cater to Last Minute Shoppers

As we shared before, this holiday doesn’t take a lot of preparation for gift giving so catering to last-minute shoppers should definitely be one of the ways to market your products for Valentine’s Day. Offer gift certificates, virtual shopping lists, and staged product graphics to make buying and gifting easy even if the gift comes after the holiday.

Host a Galentine’s Party to Celebrate Friends and Singles

Don’t forget about the ones who may not celebrate the traditional Valentine’s Day. This is a great time to invite your community for a Galentine’s party! During your party, ask for hosts who would like to earn host rewards and get together with their friends to celebrate all things girly! Host a virtual party on Facebook, Instagram, or even on Zoom and if you need any graphics, we gotchu! These types of parties are great for extending your brand, filling your party calendar, and meeting new people to invite into your community.

Ready to Create Your Strategy

Easy, right? There ya have it! Six creative ways to market your products for Valentine’s Day, the first major holiday of the new year! Pick one or all as part of your content strategy and whatever you choose, the store owners on Direct Creatives are ready to help!

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