Lead Magnet Ideas to Quickly Grow Your Email List

Stumped on lead magnet ideas to grow your email list?

Giving away something of free value is a great way to entice people to follow you and increase subscribers. If you don’t have a lead magnet, or you don’t have one that is effective, then engaging one in your marketing strategy can literally be a game changer for your business. We’ve put together some easy lead magnet ideas to quickly grow your email list so save this to your favorites!

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Easy Lead Magnet Ideas

  1. Checklists
  2. Cheat sheets
  3. Templates
  4. Toolkits
  5. Resource List
  6. Calendar
  8. Inspirational Quotes
  9. Journal Prompts
  10. Planner Page Samples
  11. Planner Stickers
  12. Worksheets/Workbooks
  13. Meal Plans
  14. Meal Planner Pages
  15. Grocery Lists/Sample Meal Plans
  16. Recipes
  17. Spreadsheets
  18. Airtable Templates
  19. Trello Templates
  20. Tutorials
  21. eBooks
  22. Guides
  23. Infographics
  24. Webinars
  25. Free Coaching Session
  26. PDF version of a popular piece of content (like a blog or microblog post)
  27. Transcript
  28. Quiz
  29. Survey
  31. Phone Wallpapers
  32. Desktop/Laptop Wallpapers
  33. Instagram/Facebook Story Templates
  34. Free shipping
  35. Case Studies

What Makes a Good Lead Magnet

You can use just about anything in exchange for information from your customers. To make it incredibly effective, make sure it meets these points:

  • Solves a real problem
  • Provides a quick win
  • Specific
  • Easy and quick to digest
  • High value
  • Delivered instantly
  • Uses your expertise or experience in the industry

Where Do You Set Up Your Lead Magnet

Depending on your limitations by your direct sales company, where you set up your lead magnet is wherever you think you’ll find your ideal client:

  • Instagram – place on a link builder like Tapbio or a Campsite so you can direct folks to “tap link in bio” in your call to action
  • Facebook – share it on your business page or in your group
  • Share a Pin of it on Pinterest

How Do You Deliver Your Lead Magnet

Once you’ve settled on your lead magnet idea, it’s time to get it set up. Most lead magnets are to grow your email list so that just makes sense to deliver them via email.

Many people try to deliver a lead magnet manually, using Gmail or other popular email providers which is free. However, that comes with a whole host of GDPR issues. You also may quickly find that you spend a LOT of time sending out emails instead of other important income producing activities. Instead, find a low cost (and sometimes free) email platform like ConvertKit, that can help you effectively automate your delivery of the lead magnet. This will give you access to landing pages, automations, forms, segments, and other tools to effectively leverage your email list.

Other Things to Consider

While starting to build an email list may seem easy, there are a host of spam laws you need to consider and ensure you’re compliant with. Not only do you need to abide by your direct sales policies and procedures regarding emails to customers, but you also have to ensure you’re compliant with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). These outline national and international laws on data privacy and have some pretty hefty fines if you’re out of compliance.

Whatever lead magnet ideas you come up with, as long as they meet the above criteria, you will surely build your email list quickly! Don’t forget to watch your analytics! If you’re finding people are grabbing your lead magnet, it might be best to reevaluate to see if you’re speaking to the right people. Or perhaps they may be unsubscribing after they get your freebie. Always watch to see how you are providing consistent value through your messaging.

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