start selling digital goods & services with direct creatives

DoEs this sound like you…

You hesitate to build your own website because you are overwhelmed

Feel stuck in a creative rut with no one to talk to about it

Others ask you for your advice and expertise

You’re looking to expand your market reach or network

Do you already make digital assets such as…


Google Forms

Party Scripts

Hostess Coaching Scripts

Digital Planner Pages

Planner Stickers




Email Templates


Lightroom Presets


Generate an additional income stream

Monetize what you’ve already created for your own business

Avoid burnout by cashing in on your creative skills & knowledge

Create recurring income with subscriptions & memberships

There are thousands of entrepreneurs, direct sellers, and social marketers out there looking for templates, worksheets, graphics, patterns, and more to use for their own business. However, they don’t have the time or skills to create their own.

So, where do they go?

Direct Creatives, of course!

Direct Creatives was started to give direct sellers, social marketers, and small business owners a space to collaborate, sell, and share their digital assets.

a platform to sell your digital goods

Insert storefronts
Insert product samples

Here’s what you get as a Direct Creatives Store

Network of direct sellers

Direct Creatives helps to get your products and services in front of those who are looking for them through a variety of marketing opportunities.

No Credit Card Processing Fees

Direct Creatives pays your processing fees, giving you more money in your pocket with each sale.

Offer Subscriptions

Provide monthly content to your clients while generating recurring revenue with our exclusive subscription service.

Earn Up to 80% on Each Sale

You work hard to share your talent, so choose the Store Owner membership tier that’s right for you.

Sell Anywhere

Sell here, sell on your own site, sell anywhere. Direct Creatives helps you to diversify your sales channels.

Hive Mind

Direct Creatives provides collaborative opportunities with other Store Owners and creators along with support to help you get your Storefront in front of those who need it.

what store owners are saying

Since joining Direct Creatives, I’ve been able to add a new stream of revenue simply by adding products to my store that I’m already creating for my direct sales team.

The help and community between the other store owners and the owners of Direct Creatives is simply priceless.

– Jennifer Pitney

Blueberries N Books

Having my own storefront on Direct Creatives has allowed me to help other direct sellers streamline their systems using Trello. Although I love my direct sales company, Direct Creatives allows me to have a business of my own and have passive income.

The Direct Creatives Team is super supportive throughout all aspects of store ownership, creative process, and marketing. They’ve also created a community of store owners that focuses on collaboration over competition. Opening my storefront is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

– Angel Skipper

The Efficient Elephant

I love the creative outlet my store gives me. I am constantly playing with new colors and font styles and all the pretty digital paper – AND I was constantly tempted to rework my own brand because of all the lovely options out there. Having a store on Direct Creatives allows me to play with all the things – create all the graphics and digital collages I want – share those creations with other social marketers – earn some money doing something that feeds my soul – AND maintain consistency in my own branding! It is a win-win-win-win-win situation!

– Janet Roach

Just a Girl Searching for Gum

I love that having a Direct Creatives storefront means I can add images that I’ve created for others to use in their business. Being in direct sales for 10 years, I have tons of graphics that can apply to others, and so often people ask if they can use them. Now I can send them my Direct Creatives link to buy and make the images their own with their logo and brand colors.

– Christa Castoldi

Bling It On with Christa

Store membership Plans

Get 2 months free with an annual membership!

meet direct creatives

In 2018 an idea was sparked when someone suggested a site that was available for direct sellers to find things they needed for their business. Much like Etsy is for handmade goods and Creative Market is for designers. Fast forward to early 2020 and the vision became reality.

Cari, Monica, and Britt met through a direct sales business coaching group and quickly realized they could help other direct sellers. Since they are in 3 very different locations around the US, they knew that their offerings would have to be virtual and digital. When the opportunity of Direct Creatives was presented to them, they jumped because they knew they could provide the value and knowledge to help even more direct sellers. The team leads the way for store owners to maximize their potential to build and scale businesses that allow them to create passive or active income as they desire.

Direct Creatives’ mission is to support direct sellers with an innovative community-centric digital marketplace, and to empower creators* to turn their passions into opportunities.

*If you create – whether a direct seller, entrepreneur, designer, or maker – you are a creator.

Cari Hollis


Medford, OR

Britt Ridley

Happiness Engineer

Sweetwater, TN

Monica Preston


Henderson, NV