Create And Sell Digital Products Online Effectively – Your How To Guide

Thinking it is hard to sell digital products online? Guess again!

Are you creative? Do you enjoy making checklists, worksheets, templates, and printables? Do you already share your digital talents freely with others? Did you know you can create and sell these assets online? There is a market for your products right now!

Digital products are low cost to create, and high margin when sold. For example, let’s consider a 5-page ebook that took you 10 hours to create and turn into a PDF. That is perhaps $500 of “cost” in the form of effort. Then you sell 1000 copies of that ebook for $3.99 less 30% cost (platform, transaction, marketing fees), yielding you $2793 in profit.

That’s a tidy little sum for 10 hours of upfront work. And the more you sell, the more your yield goes up as it scales exponentially against your initial effort. This article will break down the six steps to consider in creating and selling your digital products online.

How To Sell Digital Products Online

Validate your idea. Do you already create and share your digital assets with others, such as your team mates or downline? Do you already share your files for free in Facebook groups? If there is already a small market for your product, there may also a bigger market for your product. People will pay for the convenience of not having to recreate a wheel that you’ve already built and perfected.

Validate the demand. Just because you found a Facebook group of 500 people who loved your free digital products, you need to see if there is broader demand.

This is where Google keyword analysis and research will be a big asset; to help identify “high volume, no competition” content categories. If you can find a niche that is underserved in digital content, you can fill that quickly. For example, there are ton of digital papers being sold on Etsy – with high competition in an already crowded field, it will be harder to stand out. But there are fewer logo templates available on the same site, so could yield a higher return on investment of time and talent.

Create your digital product. This is where all the creativity flows. Leverage your favorite tools, and create your masterpiece. Whether it’s audio, video, print, or digital imagery, spend time refining your creation. You can use just about any graphic design program including Adobe Photoshop, Canva, PicMonkey, or any other application. Run it through several quality reviews with testers to ensure it’s flawless, without typographical or grammatical errors, and is easy to use. Then BOOM! It’s ready to sell online!

Where To Sell Digital Products Online

Choose your sales platform. In order to sell enough of your digital assets to justify your effort, you’ll need traffic. You can sell on your own site, or you can consider using a multi vendor platform like Direct Creatives. Direct Creatives was built by small business owners, for small business owners with the goal to provide social sellers all the tools necessary to work smarter, not harder. If you’re stuck on how to effectively promote your products online, check out Brenda Ster. She’s been our business mentor for over 5 years and in fact, was the brains behind Direct Creatives before we bought it.

Create your seller profile, customize your storefront, and upload your digital products. Because Direct Creatives is a marketplace, we will help you promote your products through our partnerships as well as our social channels. BUT, we can’t do it alone! Most of how you get your products out there is to talk about them and share them with people who need to see them!

Cross promote your products. Like any other products, the platform only does part of the job, you still have to cross promote. Pin your products to Pinterest, linked back to your Direct Creatives product listing. Cross promote your products in your Facebook community. Write a blog post about your digital products, and talk about who they would benefit. Create your own marketing buzz, to help raise the profile of your products and the Google SEO for your keywords. Consider running Google or Facebook ads to drive traffic specific to your digital product listing.

Incorporate feedback, and expand to more products. If you find your products aren’t selling, revisit whether it meets a specific market need for your consumer. If your product is selling, consider providing more value with updates. And of course, keep adding to your product portfolio to bring more value to your own storefront and consumers.

Launching the first of your electronic porfolio can be exhausting and exhilarating. But once you’ve launched one and it’s started selling, you will find that you early success propels you to create more. You will refine what your audience likes, what they buy, and how you can serve them better. And soon you’ll have a nice part time income stream passively running from your online storefront.

Ready to start selling your digital products online? Check out our three vendor membership plans on Direct Creatives HERE! We can’t wait to see what you create! And if you haven’t snagged our FREE e-book, The Ultimate Guide to Selling Digital Products Online yet, click here to get it delivered instantly!

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