Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General FAQs

What Can I Purchase On Direct Creatives?

Direct Creatives is a digital marketplace designed by and for small business owners, direct sellers, and solopreneurs. Currently, Direct Creatives supports the sale of digital products and one time digital services such as printables (self/team assessments, business tracking forms, etc), digital graphics (for personal and/or commercial use) and other downloadable, digital assets designed for personal or professional development and use.

What Is A Zip File?

A zip file is a common type of computer file where the contents of one of more files are compressed for storage or transmission.  A zip file makes it easy to keep related files together and can be used for both file compression and encryption.

What Is A PDF File?

PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a file format that captures the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, or print.  Commonly used for documents like manuals, eBooks, and application forms, they can contain text, images, embedded fonts, video, and more!

Purchasing Products

What Is The Return Policy?

Sellers on Direct Creatives have the ability to set their own terms and sales policies for their shop. For information pertaining to returns, credits or refunds, please visit the product page for the product you purchased to view the shop’s policies. Any inquiries regarding returns, refunds, credits or exchanges need to be handled with the seller directly.

How Do I Formally Submit A Complaint Against A Seller On Direct Creatives?

If you have an issue with a seller and have been unable to settle the issue with the seller directly, you may formally submit a complaint to Direct Creatives by emailing Direct Creatives is unable to issue refunds for completed purchases as sale proceeds are delivered to the seller immediately upon completion of the transaction. However, if Direct Creatives receives repeated complaints against a seller and finds the complaints valid, corrective action may be taken against the seller including cancellation of their account and ability to sell on the platform. Direct Creatives reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

How Do I Formally Request My Data is Deleted From Direct Creatives?

If you have a need to request your data be deleted from Direct Creatives, you can submit that request to Direct Creatives by emailing Direct Creatives will then take action to have all data removed from our databases within 7 business days. This will result in removing user access and all purchase history, but all user data will be deleted.

Looking To Become A Vendor?

Click HERE to view our extensive FAQs on becoming a Direct Creatives Vendor!