Essential Trello Board Templates to Boost Your Business

Trello board templates have been our new favorite thing! If you’re a small business owner, you know how critical it is to have quick and efficient tools at your disposal. Searching for resources to help not only keep you managing your time, but ones that truly help you boost your business can be time consuming. We have recently discovered Trello, which has quickly replaced other project management tools. As a digital marketplace, we have a lot of projects to organize as well as products and ideas to launch. Trello board templates for business have made it easy to compile and store images for ideas, links, tasks, and time sensitive meetings all in one place.

Not only is Trello perfect for projects, it is an easy way for social sellers to organize and plan their content, create online party scripts, and organize customer information. Trello uses an easy drag and drop concept; allowing you to effortlessly move tasks around the board. Their free version is crazy robust and simple to sign up. If you don’t have an account, click here!

Essential Trello Board Templates

Digital Product Launch Template – Have you been creating your own digital tools like graphics, checklists, fonts, customer spreadsheets, or any others? In case you didn’t know, someone may be looking for exactly what you have! Using a Trello board to organize things like products, launch dates, partners, and milestones helps you stay on track to launch your products successfully.

CRM Trello Board Template – Are you missing out on building relationships with your customers because you don’t have an established process for follow up? Create a Trello board to use as an effective way to follow up with your clients. Trello’s convenient drag and drop method makes customer follow up a breeze.

Social Media Content Planner – If you struggle with planning your social media content, then this board is JUST FOR YOU! Easily organize your content, store images, and links to make creating content easy. BONUS resources include monthly holiday prompts, theme day ideas, and tools to make your planning simple. Talk about a one stop shop to house all things for your social media!

Blogging Workflow Template – If you’re a blogger, you know finding one to organize and note your post ideas can be tough. Enter Blogging Workflow template where you can easily manage your idea all the way through promotion. With Trello you can even attach files and links to make moving your ideas to post easy.

Facebook Party Workflow Template – If you’re a virtual party producer, you know how critical a party plan is. Having a script, photos, videos, links, tasks, hostess coaching, and pre/post party posts all in one place saves time and energy when it’s go time. Bonus Trello template included; Facebook Party Script Board to store ALL of your party scripts!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a social seller, small business, or big business; Trello board templates can help your business. Staying organized and having all of your ideas stored in one place makes your marketing job that much easier. Now is the time to get organized for the new year! Trello templates can help you organize all the things so you can spend more time where it matters. Just think, wouldn’t it be awesome to be so organized with your customer follow up, social media, parties, and business expenses that you actually had more time to spend with family or just relaxing? We know we do!

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