Did you know that boosting your productivity with checklists is a simple and effective way to help your business?

As a direct seller or entrepreneur, it is almost guaranteed that you have multiple tasks competing for your attention on a regular basis.  It’s also highly likely that with the hustle and bustle of daily life, you occasionally forget at least one of those tasks.

Checklists can be a helpful tool used in all aspects of life.  They can be especially useful to a small business owner. Use them to stay on track, boost your daily productivity, measure progress and more!  Check out the many great done-for-you and checklist templates available right here on Direct Creatives by clicking here!  

Keep reading to learn how boosting your productivity with checklists can help to transform your business!

When To Use A Checklist

While there is no right or wrong time to use a checklist, there are a few times when using one can be especially beneficial.  

First, a checklist at the beginning of your work day can help you set out a clear vision of your responsibilities and can help you to prioritize your tasks.  You can expand on a daily checklist and use it on a weekly or monthly basis as well. This is a great tool to use for tracking recurring tasks.

Also, having a checklist when you are about to start a new project can also help to boost your overall productivity.  By having a clear plan, the tools needed to complete the project, and a layout of steps needed, you’ll be able to move through the project quicker while making sure you don’t miss any significant steps.  

Dependent on how you like to work, your checklist can be digital or traditional paper. You may even consider printing and laminating a check list so you can use it over and over again while still having the satisfaction of adding that "check" next to a completed task. We all know how satisfying that is!

Hot Tip! We love Evernote for not only creating checklists, but for keeping track of all our business related deadlines and activities, too. If you prefer to keep your checklists digital, we recommend checking them out!

Why Use A Checklist?

One of the main reasons to use a checklist for your business is that it helps in reducing errors.  There is a reason airline pilots use a checklist before each flight! In fact, most high stress jobs rely on checklists to reduce (and in some cases eliminate) errors.  

By having a visual representation of all the tasks you need to complete, you are also able to prioritize your tasks and be sure they are completed on time.  Doing so helps to ensure you are consistently completing important tasks like customer follow up, shipping, or answering customer inquiries.

As small business owners and independent consultants often work non-traditional hours and in non-traditional office settings.  (Hello Mom-Preneur, working out of her car while her kids are at soccer practice! We see you!) Using a checklist can add routine and predictability to your day, offering some additional stability to overly hectic schedules.  

Boosting Your Productivity With Checklists And Your Future

If you’re ready to give a checklist a try to boost your business productivity, you’ve come to the right place!  Click HERE to check out the ever growing list of checklist templates on Direct Creatives.

More of the designing type?  We would love to see you share your creative talents on Direct Creatives (and earn a little money in the process)!  Click HERE to become a vendor and start selling your digital checklists today for FREE!

Boosting Your Productivity With Checklists
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