12 Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Direct Sellers

Black Friday is just around the corner and chances are you lived through 2020, you already know it’s probably going to be different. Actually, it IS going to be different. Trending articles indicate Black Friday is going to generate more traffic online than in person. In fact, in many states, gathering restrictions and capacity limits will make it so crowds are all but extinct from the retail storefronts. Here are some Black Friday marketing ideas for direct sellers to help start capitalizing on the high online traffic predictions for 2020 and beyond

What is Black Friday

The traditional Black Friday was actually started by consumers. It was first noticed and coined in Philadelphia when police used it to describe heavy vehicular and foot traffic the day after Thanksgiving. Now, the retail industry capitalizes on the traffic and uses the concept to get their profits back in the black after sluggish sales during the summer. It has evolved into some stores opening as early as Thanksgiving evening to take advantage of early shoppers looking for deep discounts and deals.

This will undeniably look different in 2020. We’re pretty sure there are many out there that won’t miss the crowds, but may miss the discounts. Or will they? Black Friday over the past few years has created quite a stir among consumers; some boycotting shopping all together during the days around Thanksgiving and some camping out at popular retail outlets to snag a new TV. So really Black Friday has become less about getting deals on gifts and instead getting deals for the shopper themselves.

Why Direct Sellers Need to Leverage Black Friday

In 2019, retailers reported the highest ever sales, beating out all other sales records, reporting a whopping $7.4 billion. Online shoppers spent an average of $11 million per minute between 11:00 p.m. and midnight on Cyber Monday, coming in at even more than Black Friday. Don’t you think as a direct seller you should have some of that pie too? Mmmmm… anyone else craving pie now? Carry on.

Black Friday marketing ideas for direct sellers in 2020

12 Black Friday Marketing Ideas for Direct Sellers

12. Offer VIP Deals

If you have a closed Facebook group, start by offering deals and specials specific to your VIP group. They are your very important people, right? Make them feel special by offering deals that can only be taken advantage of if people are in your VIP group. Create a funnel to grow your VIP group (if allowed by your DS P&P) from your public business page to your VIP group by using a lead magnet.

11. Printable Gift Certificates or Electronic Gift Cards

Gift cards are crazy popular during the holidays; heck, they are popular anytime of the year. As people have more and more options on where to buy what’s on their list, make it easy for gift giving by providing electronic gift certificates or electronic gift cards. You can utilize Stripe or Square to invoice your customers; this creates cash flow for you now and a bounce back sale later with the possibility of an up-sell. You can even offer a free gift or extra discount to the purchaser to entice additional sales now.

10. Email Only Sales

This is a fairly new marketing concept where email is the only way the purchaser can get the deal. Email only sale marketing creates buyer fear of missing out (FOMO) and also is a benefit of getting on your email list. Create a lead magnet to grow your email list, send regular emails with purposeful content to build the relationship and credibility, and then a week or so before Black Friday, start sending out daily teasers to get your audience excited for the deal or specials announcement. Make this exclusive and do not publish the deals shared with your email list anywhere else. Publish teasers to your public channels, creating excitement around not missing special deals to grow your list.

If you don’t have an email list set up for your direct sales business, you’re not alone. Create one now by deciding on what email provider you want to go with and then create a lead magnet and start promoting! This is one of the best Black Friday marketing ideas for direct sellers because you can leverage a whole audience of people that you can’t reach via social media!

9. Gamify with Mystery Savings

Gamification is trending in popularity to not only make getting a discount fun, but also an easy way to collect customer emails and build your list. Using electronic scratch offs like these or a wheel discount like Wheelio, allows your customers to engage in an entirely new way and helps you stand out. A small investment in a program can have big payoffs when it comes to building your email list and diversifying your risk off of social media.

8. Create a Content Calendar

Creating a content calendar might seem simple; the challenge is creating or curating content that your ideal client is looking for specifically around shopping. Having a plan for when you will promote a specific product is critical to success. In general, the higher the price tag your item is, the longer you need to plan out your content. It’s also helpful to know what type of shopping your ideal client is doing so you can position your products aimed at what they are looking for regarding gift giving. Make sure to create original graphics for posts and change up your banners in groups and pages to effectively use all the real estate possible to share your content.

7. Offer New Products

Now, if you’re a direct seller, you don’t have control over the product selection you have to offer. However, you may not regularly be promoting all that your company has in the product lineup. Start to launch the never or hardly before seen products of your company as if they are new. Chances are one of your customers may scoop them up for the hard-to-buy family member.

6. Leverage Your Email List

As mentioned in tip 10, you can leverage your existing email list to offer an email only discount. You can also start working your list by simply ramping up the conversation via email. Nurture your list now and gradually add teasers and sneak peeks so your list feels exclusive. Direct them to your replicated site, shopping link, or group for how they can see the full Black Friday deals.

5. Keep Your Black Friday Sale Through Cyber Monday

Nothing says you have to only sell on Black Friday. Extending your sale through Cyber Monday keeps you top of mind while your customers are online and are shopping. Plan your content to stretch throughout the weekend, such as sharing a new deal of the day. This helps to keep the sense of urgency up over multiple days.

4. Add a Gift with Purchase or Bounce Back Discount

Adding a gift with purchase entices your customers by appealing to them while they are shopping for others. How many times have you gone Christmas shopping and come back with bags full of stuff … and none of it was for others. *raises hand* So, make shopping for others fun, but productive by offering your customers something for them while they buy for others.

3. Create a Gift Guide

We are already seeing some collaborations in direct sales communities around gift guides. Reach out to some direct sales or small business owners you know to create a gift guide! You can use Canva, PicMonkey, or PowerPoint to create an e-Guide to give to your communities or better yet, use it as a lead magnet to create or add to your email list! If you’re not sure where to start to collaborate, come on over to our Direct Creatives Marketplace and start networking with other direct sellers and small business owners. You’ve got some time to make connections!

2. Offer Product Bundles

Create a a bundle price of your most popular products to make shopping easy for you and your customers. Product bundles make shopping easy for your customers and make them feel like they are getting a deal. And you look like their shopping hero! It’s a win-win! If you hold inventory, this one is easy; however if you have a replicated site where items are drop shipped, you’ll have to get a bit more creative with the logistics.

1. Offer a Unique Experience

What’s something your customers can’t get on any other website or in a brick and mortar store? YOU. You, as the direct seller or small business owner, have a LOT to give so let that shine. Maybe you partner with another direct seller or small business to offer something small for every purchase. Or maybe you collect all of the people your customer needs to buy for, a little something about those people, and offer a personal shopping experience only for Black Friday weekend. Unique experiences solidify the buyer-seller relationship and highlight you as a trusted expert.

No matter if you’re a direct seller or a small business owner, you are sure to be successful this holiday season with these Black Friday marketing ideas. Looking beyond 2020, don’t let these ideas die after the holidays! They are year round strategic ideas that can be used for just about any shopping event. How are you starting to prepare for Black Friday? Come on over to our Facebook page and join the conversation! We’d love to hear your ideas!

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