Direct Creatives Black Friday 2020

Black Friday 2020 may be over, but we’ve got you all year long! In fact, we’ve recently welcomed some new store owners who are KILLING IT in the organization category! If you love meal planning, tracking all the things, planners (digital AND printable), and done for you social graphics, then come visit the site!

Direct Creatives is a multi-vendor marketplace created by direct sellers who were itching to find a place specifically for direct sellers; a place where network marketers could get ALL THE THINGS to stand out on social media. It’s evolved to a place where direct sellers, social marketers, and small businesses can find stock photos, fonts, Canva and PicMonkey templates, Trello board templates, find business and leadership coaching, and more from people who have been there and done that.

Here’s a little bit about each of the store owners below:

Alex Tebow Designs is owned by Alex Tebow Wong, a professional graphic designer who also specializes in custom branding packages and photography. She is our resident graphics designer, designing all of our branded content for Direct Creatives. We love her and all of her creative design glory. Oh and did you know she paints? Yeah, me either.

Treehouse Creative Nook is owned by Nitra Barnes who is our most northerner store owner. She calls Alaska home and has been in direct sales too many years to count. She currently runs more than one DS business, yet always has time to share her graphics. Nitra is also our sole Doodly expert, making custom videos for team leaders to recognize their downlines. Believe us, she doesn’t just doodle; she creates.

The Hooking Reader is owned by Ronni Klein, a rockstar crochet aficionado. The name is a play on a crochet hook so don’t be thinking anything else. She started on Direct Creatives after leaving her DS as a way to sell her crochet patterns to her customers. She did so well that she has expanded her business to create kids activities so mom bosses can focus on their business as well as Instagram story templates to make diving into stories on social media a breeze.

KVT Creative is owned by Kristina Alexander who started with Direct Creatives offering stock photos. She is a professional photographer who LOVES antique dolls and enjoys showing them in all of their beauty. She loves helping people and is excited to get to know more about direct sellers and what they need to make their lives easier.

Blueberries N Books is owned by Jennifer Pitney who you guessed it, has a passion for blueberries and books. LITERARY, ahem, literally. She is our resident graphics pack guru, creating a monthly graphics pack that is scooped up regularly to make posting easier for a clothing retailer. You can usually find her head down in a book; in fact, chances are you’ll get a book recommendation when you ask!

Penny Wallace Design Creatives is owned by Penny Wallace. She has recently posted some AMAZING digital planners, some that can be fully customized. She is a blogger and works full time, yet still manages to design some pretty awesome tools. Penny has a lot of random facts so the next time you see her ask about some of the weird facts she knows. You won’t be disappointed.

The Efficient Elephant is owned by Angel Skipper and she is our resident Trello expert. There are some others as well, but she has some pretty amazing Trello boards she’s created and they are crazy popular. Her specialty is helping direct seller moms be more organized in running their business. In fact, she lives this philosophy. She’s a mom and has at least 3 businesses along with working full time. I’m tired just writing that.

The Creative Butterfly Effect is owned by Jo Smith. She is with GelMoment and loves to provide busy women with a way to have healthy and pretty nails without going to the salon. She recently joined Direct Creatives because she found she LOVED to make graphics. In fact, she had some pretty fun and delicious looking Thanksgiving engagement graphics for sale! I bet if you asked, she would make some for every holiday!

Be Luminous with Lisa is owned by Lisa Donde who is with Origami Owl. She loves creating memories with all the things that are sparkly and specifically, she loves helping women find their inner sparkle. She also loves to help out direct sellers by making their social media posts easier. She has a couple of graphics packs, one includes music. So if you want to play a fun game of ‘Name that tune’ in your group, this might be right up your alley!

Sassy Squirrel Studio is owned by Lorita Moruzzi who also runs two DS businesses through Origami Owl and Stampin’ Up. AND she’s the designer of the fun halloween three famous witches who don’t like children (we can’t say their names because of copyright…I know. *insert eye roll*) costumes for your avatars. Keep watch; I’m sure she’ll have some more fashion designs headed into her store for Christmas and New Years!

Well, we hoped you had fun getting to know our store owners! If you haven’t already, come hang out with them and us in our Direct Creatives Marketplace. It’s kinda always a party in there.

It’s Black Friday 2020, Shop Small Saturday, & Cyber Monday all rolled into one! This weekend is the time to snag the BEST deals for your business. Whether it’s graphics you can use all year, getting organized for 2021 with digital (and printable) planners, or organizing your business with other tools, our Store Owners have got you covered. Check out the once a year deals below! They’re too good to pass up!

All coupons and sales are good through 11:59pm PST on 11/30/2020 (unless otherwise noted).


Additional Store Discounts

Be Luminous with Lisa

Get TWO packages of 30 day engagement posts for those music and recipe lovers bundled together for just $10!!
code: BlackFriday2020

Sassy Squirrel Studio

30% off Avatar Clothing Packs and more
code: FRIDAY30

All sales & discount codes available until 11:59pm PST on 11/30/2020.


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