Asana versus Trello: Which One is Best for Direct Sellers

Want an easy way to compare Asana versus Trello? Kelsie Ruoff from The Perennial Mom Studio contributes to this post by sharing why Asana is her project manager program of choice. We stacked Asana up against Trello. See for yourself which one is the best for YOUR business!

As a busy stay-at-home mom running my own business, I don’t have time to be tracking personal tasks in one place and business tasks in another; I need everything in one place, with the ability to flip back and forth. I also need an application that can be accessed, and synced, across multiple devices. If you’re thinking “ME TOO!”, then let me introduce you to Asana, a hidden gem in the world of task management.

What is Asana?

Asana is a task management application that you can access via an app on your phone or tablet, and via a web browser on your computer. You read that right, you can access it in ALL the places, and it syncs up beautifully for you!

How much does it cost?

The basic level is FREE, and that’s all you need. I swear, there’s no need to upgrade!

Can it be used for teams? Or between multiple family members?

Yes! And that’s all included in the FREE version of the app! You can add team members, or family members, into Asana and assign them specific tasks. You’ll be able to monitor who’s completed what, assign due dates, and more. The person added can also write notes and add attachments to the tasks that you’ve assigned them, keeping the dialogue all within the app itself.

The Asana Task Hierarchy Explained

Asana has three levels of task management; Teams, Projects and Tasks:

  • Teams: The highest level in the hierarchy. You could have one Team for your direct sales business and another for your Direct Creatives business. Or, one Team for your direct sales business and then another for your home life.
  • Projects: Fall under a Team. So for your business, you could have a Project for each of your social media channels. For your home life, you could have Projects for each child, doctor’s appointments, chores, bills, etc.
  • Tasks: Fall under Projects. These are individual assignments that need to be completed. So if you had a Team for your business, with a Facebook Project, one of the Tasks could be “schedule weekly posts.”

Personalization within the App

You have the ability to assign colors and icons to your Projects, so that as you glance over calendars and lists you’re able to quickly determine where your workload sits.

And speaking of calendars and lists, Asana also gives you multiple view options for your tasks. View your tasks on a monthly calendar, as a large list, or on boards. The best part? You can swap between those three views by simply clicking on a different tab; Asana does all the formatting for you!

I hope that this post has you curious about the powers of Asana. I mean, it’s free…what do you have to lose?!

We agree with Kelsie. Asana is pretty terrific. So why would anyone NOT use Asana?

There is an oh so slight learning curve to Asana, however Kelsie outlined the most challenging terms above. While Asana can be used for only one person, it is best used when you have multiple people working on tasks or projects. But don’t let that distract you. The tasks in Asana allow you to see everything at a glance on a calendar view so it does work well for one person. It is GREAT for organizing multiple social channels and the content you want to post.

What is Trello?

A while back, we introduced you to Trello and we shared some easy templates you can use to help streamline your business. Trello can be used for a variety of tasks and it’s drag and drop method is simple for moving tasks around on the board. Not only can you use Trello for your business, you can also use it for household tasks like meal planning, travel planning, and household chores. Anything you would need a task list for, you can use Trello. In fact, we came up with 20 different templates you can use Trello for!

Trello is a great beginner program, perfect for one person tasks/projects. It is an excellent choice for bloggers because you can write your entry, add your graphics, and plan the schedule. It’s also great for creators because you can create templates and sell them on Direct Creatives for other people to buy and use.

Asana versus Trello: which is better?

There are a ton of task/project management tools on the googles and it can be overwhelming just trying to weed through them. Not to mention having to learn them, find out which one will work best for what you’re looking for, and IF it will even do what you want it to.

Only YOU know which task management program is right for you. How much time you have to learn it and how you want to use it are considerations to look at when choosing a task or project management program. Here’s our two cents; if you have a team of people who all contribute to a project or are looking for an easy way to schedule content for ALL of your social media, go with Asana. If your intent is to create templates and use them as a stream of income or you want to help streamline the processes in your business (like virtual parties) then go with Trello.

So there ya have it. Hopefully we’ve made the decision simple for you and have made it easy to compare Asana versus Trello. Have you used either? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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