About Direct Creatives

Direct Creatives provides a place to buy and sell digital assets to help businesses use their time most effectively.

Through the platform and the network it creates, Direct Creatives empowers direct sellers and businesses to market, design, plan, train, and strategize more easily. See how to sell products and trainings you’ve already made.

In 2018 an idea was sparked when someone suggested a site that was available for direct sellers to find things they needed for their business. Much like Etsy is for handmade goods and Creative Market is for designers. Fast forward to early 2020 and the vision became reality.

Cari and Monica met through a direct sales business coaching group and quickly realized they could help other direct sellers. Since they are in different locations around the west coast of the United States, they knew that their offerings would have to be virtual and digital. When the opportunity of Direct Creatives was presented to them, they jumped because they knew they could provide the value and knowledge to help even more direct sellers. The team leads the way for store owners to maximize their potential to build and scale businesses that allow them to create passive or active income as they desire.

Direct Creatives’ mission is to support direct sellers with an innovative community-centric digital marketplace, and to empower creators* to turn their passions into opportunities.

*If you create – whether a direct seller, entrepreneur, designer, or maker – you are a creator.