5 Ways to Promote Your Digital Products

So you’ve created your digital product, you’ve posted it to your online storefront; now what? If you’re using a marketplace, the host is a place to hold your product. Chances are they aren’t going to be promoting just your product. Let’s dive in to 5 ways to promote your digital products whether you are on a self hosted or marketplace platform.

Share on Facebook

This may seem obvious, but sharing your digital product link through Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your digital products. If your ideal client is hanging out here, Facebook is search engine optimized (when the post or page is public) so it makes for faster Google recognition of valuable content. Facebook business pages are a great way to share links; your followers can share and tag friends, making the overall reach increase. Facebook groups are also another great place to share your products. Chances are you’re in a community and already provide value. Keep offering value and if allowed, showcase your work to other community members.

If you struggle with consistency, many of the social media platforms have native schedulers that allow you to pre-schedule your posts so you show up online without having to be online.

Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest has grown exponentially over the past few years with the largest growth in just the last 12 months. With over 335 million users per month, it is an active platform for bloggers and creators. Now known as the third largest social channel behind Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest is most popular with women – especially moms. Get this – a recent study suggested that 8 out of 10 moms are on Pinterest! And an interesting income stat; median household income of Pinterest users? $75,000. Which means if your ideal client is a mom and has an annual household income of at least $75,000, Pinterest is where it’s at.

Think of Pinterest as another rich search engine. It is Google optimized which means your products could come up on a search in Google simply for being cross posted to Pinterest.

Content on Pinterest lasts months and sometimes takes a bit of time to get going. There are several different strategies to pinning. One secret, which really isn’t a secret at all, is to be more consistent at pinning images. If you’re looking to be more consistent on Pinterest (kinda like set it and forget kinda thing), Tailwind is a great option to help schedule your pins. Pinterest is one of the best ways to promote your digital products because content there has a long lifespan.

Promoting on Blogs

If you’re a blogger, then promoting your digital product is a no brainer. Utilizing your blog and having a solid SEO strategy will help you get your products on the Googles. Having a branded link attached to your products helps your brand’s SEO as well as continues to get your products to places where customers are searching.

Don’t have a storefront plugin on your site? This is where marketplaces like Direct Creatives comes in! Digital products can be loaded to your marketplace storefront and promoted directly from there, linked to your blog, saving you a TON of money on shopping cart plugins! Promote your digital products by writing posts with links to your items and answering questions the public may have that your products could solve. If you have considered starting a blog but haven’t yet, we know people! Let us know if you’d like to start one and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Asking for Reviews

Product reviews are another way to promote your digital products. Pricing your products at a discount, or even free, to clients and influencers in exchange for a review is a great strategy to get word of mouth marketing for your product. Most customers will share with their network about how much they like a certain product. Partnering with a fellow blogger, creator, or maker has a ripple effect and can help you reach audiences you are unable to reach currently.

Email List

If you haven’t started an email list yet, start one. We’ve got our favorites, but in reality it doesn’t matter what company you go with; just as long as you have one. Why? Because if any social media channel were to close up shop tomorrow, you would still want to be able to access your audience. Email marketing is a great way to provide additional value AND share your newest digital products. The best part is you can promote your digital products as often as you like or as often as your audience wants to see them. (don’t be a Spamela Anderson, okay?)

Well, there ya have it; the 5 ways to promote your digital products all wrapped up with a pretty bow on it. Whether you choose Facebook, Pinterest, your blog, reviews, or an email list, get your products out there. Aim to position your products to answer questions your ideal client may be seeking answers to and share, share, share the links to your products or marketplace storefronts!

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