Why Go Digital?

There is no time like the present to open an online digital store!  In this digital age, more and more people are conducting their businesses online in an almost entirely digital fashion.  

Digital products can help you earn passive income or even become a primary income stream.  You do not have to worry about logistics such as stock and shipping, and in many cases, the cost to start your online digital store is everyone’s favorite price- free fifty free! 

Narrowing down your niche to content designed and curated towards direct sellers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs can help you to determine exactly what types of products to list online.  However, sometimes, that creative roadblock can still keep you from producing content for your digital store.  

Feeling like you’ve got what it takes to build your digital empire but need a little inspiration to get you started?  Keep reading below for our list of 50 product ideas for your online digital store! Then, start your own digital store today for FREE with Direct Creatives!  

50 Product Ideas For Your Online Digital Store

  1. Home office organization checklist
  2. Vendor event planning checklist
  3. Bingo party cards
  4. Logo designs
  5. Social media graphics
  6. Instagram grid templates
  7. Weekly/Monthly planners
  8. Ebooks
  9. Avatars and avatar accessories
  10. Business Cards
  11. Sales strategy worksheets
  12. Team building activities 
  13. Customer follow up files
  14. Mindset worksheets
  15. Hostess coaching printables
  16. Vision board printables
  17. Goal tracking worksheets
  18. Photo editing presets
  19. Mileage tracker
  20. Income tracker
  21. Custom order forms
  22. Custom clothing tags
  23. Happy mail postcards
  24. Hashtag analysis tracker
  25. Thank you cards
  26. Custom stationary
  27. Party scripts
  28. Lead magnet templates
  29. Coaching/mentoring sessions
  30. Website product upload services
  31. Newsletter templates
  32. Branding services
  33. SVG files
  34. Virtual assistant services
  35. Digital papers
  36. Business design board templates
  37. Themed party graphic bundles
  38. Instagram stories templates
  39. SEO worksheets
  40. Ideal client workbook
  41. Social media statistics tracker
  42. Custom price lists
  43. How to guides
  44. Party game templates
  45. Marketing plan templates
  46. Printable stickers
  47. Custom gift certificates
  48. Address labels
  49. Complete branding packages
  50. SEO website analysis

Get Started Today

You are now armed with 50 product ideas for your online digital store that are designed to meet the needs of direct sellers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.  Now it is time to start creating!

Looking for the perfect tool to design your digital products?  We recommend PicMonkey as a super easy to use program for both graphic design and photo editing.  

Then, head over to our Vendor Registration page and sign up for your FREE Side Hustler account to start building your digital empire!  We have the customers and the market, you have the value and talent they need. 

We also invite you to join our Direct Creatives Marketplace Community on Facebook. This unique group has been created to bring vendors and consumers together. Share your products, join in conversation with other vendors, and more!

Let’s work together to better the direct sales and small business world - one digital product at a time. 

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Did you know that you can boost SEO on your online shop listings to make them easier to find?

As a virtual store owner, you know the importance of crafting the perfect listing for each of your items.  But, having a well written listing can also help to boost your SEO (search engine optimization) rankings and make your products rank higher in online searches.

There are several places throughout your product listing where the strategic use of keywords can positively impact your SEO including the text, pictures, and even the product name.  

Keep reading below for tips on how to boost SEO on your online shop listings! 

Know Where Your Customers Are Searching For Your Products

Among search engines, Google ranks as king.  In fact, according to SEO Tribunal, the search engine giant receives over 63,000 searches per SECOND on any given day.  That’s A LOT of searches!  

Perhaps the most coveted spot on the Internet is page one of Google’s results.  And for good reason. The company takes over 200 factors into account while delivering its search results to customers, providing them with the best fit for their query.  

Use Relevant Text To Boost SEO On Your Online Shop Listings

While it may be tempting to copy and paste content for similar listings in your online store, doing so can actually hinder your SEO.  Instead, it is vital to write unique content for each listing. Using natural conversational language that is easy to read helps you to not only connect to your customer, but also improves your SEO presence online.  

Your Direct Creatives dashboard gives you several places to add relevant text to boost the SEO on your online shop listings while uploading new products: 

  • Product Title - Choose a relevant title for your listing. 
  • Short Description- Give your customer a quick glance of the product.
  • Description- This is where you will really dig into your product listing.  Add all relevant information, use descriptive words, and try to naturally add in keywords such as the title of your product.

Add Images To Your Listings

Adding social media optimized graphics directly to your product description can also help to boost your SEO.  Strategic images can also help you to appear in the Google Images tab of the search engine, extending your reach to consumers who prefer to search visually.  

A best practice is to include images in your description that can be used on other social media channels such as Pinterest and Facebook.  Doing so allows customers and visitors to your store to share your product right from the listing! Pinterest recommends graphics with an aspect ratio of 2:3.

Check out our Pinterest graphic at the end of this blog post for an example of this practice.

Link Build With Social Media And External Sites

Link building, using relevant inbound and outbound links to direct traffic to your listing can also help to boost your SEO placement.  

Consider adding a direct link to your product or storefront when posting on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or on a Google optimized online directory like Sassy Direct.  While still relatively new on several platforms, adding hashtags to your listing can provide your customers with a convenient way to find your products.  

Looking For More On SEO?

Still not sure what all this SEO talk is all about?  If you’re looking for a little more information on why SEO is important and how to improve your use of keywords, categories and tags on your digital store or blog, we recommend this SEO Course from The Purple Tea Cup.  

Ready To Get Started?

Ready to take the next steps in building your online store with Direct Creatives?  With three unique membership levels, we have what you need to build your business empire!  

Get started for FREE today!  

Need to update your existing products to become an SEO rockstar?  Simply log into your vendor dashboard and update product listings.

Have a killer tip to share on how you boost SEO on your online shop listings? Share it with us in the comments!

Keep creating!

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