You’ve opened up your vendor account on Direct Creatives and uploaded your first few killer products.  

However, the work doesn’t stop there. Perhaps the most important step towards increasing your sales is to cross promote your digital products listed on Direct Creatives.  

Keep reading for seven quick ways to cross promote digital products online to increase traffic and make more sales.

1) Your Facebook Group/Page

Almost all businesses have a strong social media presence and many of those businesses start that presence on Facebook.  If you have your own Facebook group and/or page, utilize them to promote your shop and products.

Use caution if posting to your personal Facebook profile.  We’re all about doing small business better and not spamming our friends and family!  Chances are, if you wouldn’t want to be bombarded with it on your personal Facebook news feed, neither do they.

Need a little guidance on how to promote your products online without being spammy? We recommend you check out this great resource on creating dynamic social content that will draw in new prospects rather than steer them away. Grab The 3Ps of Social Content from Sassy Suite by clicking HERE!

2) Pinterest

Another great place to cross promote digital products online is on Pinterest.

As of September 2018, Pinterest racked up 250 million monthly active users from around the world.  In fact, many people say Pinterest is second only to Google when used as a powerful search engine.

With that many eyes in one place, Pinterest can be a lucrative funnel to your Direct Creatives store and products. Level up your Pinterest game even further with our favorite course, Winning With Pinterest!

3) Promote Digital Products To Your Email List

You’ve been diligently collecting customer email addresses.  Now, it is time to do something with them! Consider featuring one of your products each time you send out a newsletter.  Focus on showing the value your product can bring to your ideal client such as saving them time or increasing their productivity.  Don’t forget to include the link directly to the product you feature.

Looking for a great email marketing program to keep your contact lists organized and to keep your business top of mind with your clients? We love the service ConvertKit provides!

4) Blogging/Microblogging

Your blog is your little space of the internet and you can use it to funnel potential customers to your Direct Creatives listings.  Has one of your products been a personal game changer? Tell the story of the product, how it has personally helped you, and how it can help your ideal client, too.

Furthermore, microblogging on a platform such as Sassy Direct, can favorably impact you by using the site’s aggregate SEO power to drive traffic to your listings.  

5) YouTube

Video is quickly climbing to the top of the social media pyramid and can be a power funnel to new products.  Make a short video showcasing your product along with a tutorial of how it can be used. Many potential customers will be visual learners and seeing a product in action can help to cement their sale.

6) Cross Promote Digital Products Online By Leveraging Word Of Mouth

Video is quickly climbing to the top of the social media pyramid and can be a power funnel to new products.  Make a short video showcasing your product along with a tutorial of how it can be used. Many potential customers will be visual learners and seeing a product in action can help to cement their sale.  

Direct Creatives gives your customers the ability to review their purchases.  These reviews can turn into positive testimonials for future clients. Urge your customers to leave reviews on their purchases to help strengthen your reputation on the platform.  

7) Instagram

By far the most visual of social media channels, Instagram can be a great way to get eyes on your products.  Clean and clear photos and a strong hashtag strategy will drive potential customers to your listing. If you are looking to gain the upper hand on your Instagram funnel, we highly recommend Suite Success with Instagram offered through Sassy Suite!

Leverage your Instagram profile ever further by using a link-page in your bio to redirect customers where you want them to land.  We love as a digital business card. Use our link to save 10% on the gold package!

There are many ways to cross promote digital products online- with just a few mentioned above.  Now that you know how easy cross promotion can be, use it to leverage your funnels to bring potential customers to your product listings.

Ready to become a vendor with Direct Creatives?  Click HERE to get started!

7 Quick Ways To Cross Promote Digital Products Online

Perhaps our most frequently asked question, is how to choose your Direct Creatives vendor membership.

With three unique vendor membership tiers, Direct Creatives offers plans to fit all business needs.  But how do you know which vendor membership tier is best for you?

Keep reading to help find out how to choose your Direct Creatives Vendor Membership tier.

Questions To Ask Yourself

The first step in determining which Direct Creatives membership tier is best for you is to ask yourself a few questions to gauge exactly what you are looking to get out of the marketplace.

We recommend answering the following questions:

  • How many items do you plan to have listed on Direct Creatives?
  • What will be the average price point of the items you plan to sell?
  • How many items do you forecast selling per month?

Hot Tip- Keeping track of your membership goals and milestones will keep you motivated! We LOVE Evernote to hold ourselves accountable!

Membership Tier Comparison

If you’re anything like us, you like designing WAY more than you like doing math.  Well, because we feel you on that, we did the number crunching for you!

For the basis of determining break even points, we will use an average price per item of $7.99 in our comparison.  

Enterprise level:

  • 80% commission (before fees) = 6.39
  • 259/6.39 = 41 sales to breakeven.

Business Builder Level:

  • 70% commission (before fees) = 5.59
  • 149/5.59 = 27 to breakeven.

Side Hustler Level:

  • 60% commission (before fees) = 4.79
  • Immediate breakeven.

Other Considerations To Help You Choose Your Direct Creatives Vendor Membership

A few additional numbers for you, then we are done with the math lesson, we promise!

Assuming you sell 100 items per year at an average price point of $7.99, the commission difference between the Side Hustler and Enterprise membership tier is an additional $160 in your pocket.  

The Enterprise level will be especially beneficial if you will be offering products or services with a higher price point as you will have a lower break even point.  For example, if you offer consultations or bookings at $99 each, your commission (before fees) would be $79.20 each which would allow you to breakeven in only three calls.  Everything above that will be pure profit at the highest level of commission!

Now that you know more about how to choose your Direct Creatives vendor membership, we’d love for you to join us in monetizing your talents while bringing value to others!  Click HERE to get started with your own Direct Creatives storefront!

Choose Your Direct Creatives Vendor Membership

Running a successful online store can be extremely rewarding.  You get to set your own hours, choose what products to offer, and in many cases are your own boss.  However, standing out and building a strong customer base can also deter the most seasoned of shop owners.  

Keep reading for our top four tips for running a successful online store!

Use Personal Branding To Draw In Your Customer And Make Them Remember You

Part of running a successful online store is standing out from your competition.  Direct Creatives helps you to stand out in several ways!

First, Direct Creatives give you the option of choosing a unique store name for your online store.  Whether you choose to use your personal name, an existing business name, or something completely unique to your Direct Creatives account, the right name can help your customers to connect to you.  

Another way we help you to stand out from your competition is by giving you two unique areas to display custom graphics to your consumers.  First, you can choose to upload either a picture of yourself or a logo for your shop in the small circular avatar field. Your storefront also has a place for a banner which can be fully customized using your favorite graphic creation program.  Fully completing both of these graphic areas with custom images will also help you to stand out from others using the platform.

Cross Promote Your Items Across Other Platforms

Cross promotion is a huge step in becoming successful with your online store and there are many places to promote your digital products.  Once your product is listed, you can promote it on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Utilizing an email list for your customers is also a great way to showcase new products.  

Blogging is another fantastic way to cross promote your products that are listed online.  Whether you use a stand alone blog or a micro-blogging platform like Sassy Direct, search engine optimization and Google indexing can help to boost views on your listings, turning them into sales.  

Encourage Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can hold a ton of clout when it comes to prospective customers.  Where positive reviews can sway someone considering your product to purchase from you, negative reviews can sway customers away from your product.

If you are already selling on Direct Creatives, encourage your customers to leave reviews on your product listings to build that positive reputation with future buyers.  A great way to do that is by sending each customer a Thank You email after each completed purchase.

Make it even easier for them to review your product by including a link in the email back to the product on Direct Creatives.  And, should a customer ever post a negative review, be sure to respond to their review in a helpful, professional manner. Showing that you care about your client’s satisfaction with you product is a great way to demonstrate your excellent customer service before, during and after the sale.

Be Clear On Return Policies

With Direct Creatives, each vendor has the ability to set their own return policies.  By setting a fair and clear return policy for your shop, customers will view your shop as one that they can trust for fair service.  

Continually adhering to the policies if an issue arises with your customers will also help them to recognize you as a business owner who values their business.

Now that you are ready to rock a successful online store, it’s time to get started on Direct Creatives!  Click HERE to become a vendor and start monetizing your talents today!

Four Tips For Running A Successful Online Store
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