There are many reasons you may be thinking of writing your ebook.  Perhaps you have mastered a subject others continually ask you about. Or, you could be looking to monetize your knowledge and talents with your ebook!  

Regardless of the reason, we know how hard it can be to produce a quality item that you can be proud to show off to the world.  Keep reading for our top seven tips for writing your first ebook which will help accomplish just that!

Pick Something You Know About

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it is one of the most important steps in writing your first ebook.

Choosing something you already know about helps to position you as an expert to your customers while making it fun for you to write.  

Also, choosing a topic you are already familiar with can save you time when it comes to promoting your ebook as you will already have a built in audience.  If you have an existing blog, email list, or social presence, you can use these avenues to reach your potential customers once your ebook is complete.

Writing Your Ebook Should Solve A Problem

While ebooks can be written on any subject or genre, generally, the most successful ones will be written to solve a specific problem.  Think of the niche you serve, research the specific issues they feel they are facing, and focus on writing an ebook that solves what they feel their issues are.  

Start With An Outline

Once you know your topic, it can be tempting to sit at your laptop and immediately start writing your ebook.  But, doing so can lead to issues such as repeating talking points or worse- omitting important points all together.  

Whether you choose to write a full outline or simply write all your points down on a sticky note, you’ll be better prepared to actually write your ebook while making sure you hit all the key points that are important to your customer.  

Start At The End When Writing Your Ebook

Like many other times in your business career, starting with the end goal in mind can help you formulate a clear strategy for execution..  By starting with the end, essentially restating the problem that your ebook is solving, you are more likely to stay on topic when writing the rest of the text.  

Proofread- Then Proofread Again

You’ve finished your ebook and you’re ready to publish it.  

Not. So. Fast.

It can be easy to get distracted when writing and distracted writing can many times result in easy to miss errors.  Proofread your ebook when you are finished. Then, proofread it again. Better yet, reach out to a trusted friend or business accountability partner to read over the text!   

Use An Easy To Read Font

We love pretty fonts as much as the next person.  But, there is a time and place for fancy script typeface and blackletter fonts.  When it comes to your ebook, keep it simple and easy to read for your customers.

Write A Compelling Title

Your ebook title is many times the first contact your customer will have with your product.  Even before they see an excerpt or reviews, the title can be used to grab their attention and pull them in.  Think of your customer while crafting your title. Use their interests and desires to pull them in and get them excited for your ebook before they even click through to the purchase page!

Bonus Ebook Tips!

Once you’ve got your ebook ready to go, how will you share it with the world?  That’s where we come in! Become a vendor with Direct Creatives and start getting your ebook into customer’s hands.  Click here for more details on signing up with us today!

If you are looking for even more ways to develop your social media presence to promote your first ebook, we recommend checking out this blog post, "Develop a Social Marketing Plan in 5 'Suite' Steps" from our friends over at Sassy Suite!

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Did you know that you can make part time income selling digital products?

Are you the master of Photoshop? Do you create checklists, templates, and graphics with wild abandon? You spend your evenings creating digital products just for fun, don’t you? It’s okay, you can admit it, you’re among friends.

There is a huge market out there for your creative talents. There are people searching the web, asking their friends, and scouring Pinterest right now looking for what you already made.

Those digital products that you’re creating? They have massive value. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there were a platform that could connect the small business shopper, with you the creator that was easy to use, search engine optimized, and paid you for your time and talent? What if you could promote your products into a big community of social sellers that is 100% ready for your offering?

How To Make Part Time Income Selling Digital Products With Direct Creatives

Welcome Direct Creatives! By small business and social sellers, for small business and social sellers. There are many multi-vendor platforms out there - we know this. But there isn’t one just for small business owners, direct sellers, and social sellers. There isn’t one to provide direct sellers with the checklists for their parties, coaching scripts for their hostesses, templates and graphics packs for their social assets, or worksheets for their personal development.

What kind of things can you sell on Direct Creatives? Any instant-download digital asset such as checklists, templates, worksheets, presets, ebooks, audio or digital files, or basically anything else you can think of that could benefit a small business owner or direct seller.

Direct Creatives has a built-in consumer market through the extensive Sassy Suite network, including The Socialite Suite and Sassy Direct. If you’ve created amazing materials for your team or personal use, we want to share those so you get paid for your talent.

Click here to learn more about Direct Creatives, and how you can make part time income selling digital products online. Direct Creatives can also be found on Facebook and Instagram, where we will be showcasing our sellers to help you sell more.

Make Part Time Income Selling Digital Products

Thinking it is hard to sell digital products online? Guess again!

Are you creative? Do you enjoy making checklists, worksheets, templates, and printables? Do you already share your digital talents freely with others? Did you know you can create and sell digital products online?

There is a market for your products right now.

Digital products are low cost to create, and high margin when sold. For example, let’s consider a 5-page ebook that took you 10 hours to create and turn into a pdf. That is perhaps $500 of “cost” in the form of effort. Then you sell 1000 copies of that ebook for $3.99 less 30% cost (platform, transaction, marketing fees), yielding you $2793 in profit.

That’s a tidy little sum for 10 hours of upfront work. And the more you sell, the more your yield goes up as it scales exponentially against your initial effort.

This article will break down the six steps to consider in creating and selling your digital products online.

How To Sell Digital Products Online

Validate your digital product idea. Do you already create and share your digital assets with others, such as your team mates or downline? Do you already share your files for free in Facebook groups? If there is already a small market for your product, there may also a bigger market for your product. People will pay for the convenience of not having to recreate a wheel that you’ve already built and perfected.

Validate the demand for your digital product idea. Just because you found a Facebook group of 500 people who loved your free digital products, now you need to see if there is broader demand.

This is where Google keyword analysis and research will be a big asset, to help identify “high volume, no competition” content categories. If you can find a niche that is underserved in digital content, you can fill that quickly. For example, there are ton of digital papers being sold on Etsy - with high competition in an already crowded field, it will be harder to stand out. But there are fewer logo templates available on the same site, so could yield a higher return on investment of time and talent.

Create your digital product. This is where all the creativity flows. Leverage your favorite tools, and create your masterpiece. Whether it’s audio, video, print, or digital imagery, spend time refining your digital product. While you can use almost any program to create your digital products, we highly recommend PicMonkey! Run it through several quality reviews with testers to ensure it’s flawless, without types or grammatical errors, and is easy to use.

Where To Sell Digital Products Online

Choose your sales platform. In order to sell enough of your digital products to justify your effort, you’ll need traffic. You can sell on your own site, or you can consider using a multi vendor platform like Direct Creatives. Direct Creatives was built by small business owners, for small business owners with the goal to provide social sellers all the tools necessary to work smarter, not harder.

Create your seller profile, customize your storefront, and upload your digital products. Because Direct Creatives is part of the Sassy Suite family of products, we will promote the site and our sellers directly into out Suite community, with reach of millions per month.

Cross promote your products. Like any other products, the platform only does part of the job, you still have to cross promote. Pin your products to Pinterest, linked back to your Direct Creatives product listing. Cross promote your products in your Facebook community. Write a blog post about your digital products, and talk about who they would benefit. Create your own marketing buzz, to help raise the profile of your products and the Google SEO for your keywords. Consider running Google or Facebook ads to drive traffic specific to your digital product listing.

Incorporate feedback, and expand to more products. If you find your products aren’t selling, revisit whether it meets a specific market need for your consumer. If your product is selling, consider providing more value with updates. And of course, keep adding to your product portfolio to bring more value to your own storefront and consumers.

Launching your first digital product can be exhausting and exhilarating. But once you’ve launched one and it’s started selling, you will find that you early success propels you to create more. You will refine what your audience likes, what they buy, and how you can serve them better. And soon you’ll have a nice part time income stream passively running from your digital products.

Ready to start selling your digital products online? Check out our three vendor membership plans on Direct Creatives HERE! We can't wait to see what you create!

How To Create and Sell Digital Products Online

Leaders are constantly looking for direct sales team motivation ideas. Chances are, if you are in a leadership role, you are probably always looking for ways to keep your direct sales team motivated and engaged, too! Since direct sales consultants are independent (rather than employees), you obviously can’t “tell” them what to do.

You can, however, use different strategies to keep your team engaged and motivated to work their business. In general, direct sales teams can be divided up into thirds:

  • One third will be actively working their business and want to grow it,
  • one third will be hobbyists and not necessarily interested in growing a business, and
  • one third will be inactive or declining.

Your goal should be to continually motivate the top third of your direct sales team, encourage the middle third to stay active, and replace the volume from the bottom third.

How can you do this?

Check out these 10 direct sales team motivation ideas!

Everyone will be motivated differently. Some want warm fuzzies and recognition. Some will be competitive, and want to win every challenge. Some want a personal connection with their team leader. Identifying what motivates each of your team, will help in building the right strategies to move the whole team forward.

Create a team identity.

Do you have a team name? Logo? Does your team call themselves something? When members can identify with a team concept, they will start to build an emotional connection to that identity, and will want to maintain the team membership. If you have a team Facebook group, continually post things that aren’t just about your brand, but fun things as well that will help team members get to know each other. It’s fun, and helps everyone feel more connected to both the team overall and each other.

Offer incentives and challenges.

Many will be competitively motivated by a win, even if there isn’t a prize associated with it. Just putting out a challenge will get some people engaged. Consider offering monthly challenges to your team (volume, sponsoring, biggest increase over last month, biggest team player), along with “Pop Challenges” that are for a shorter duration. Prizes might be bragging rights, product, or other business materials that will help the winner.

Hold regular team meetings and training sessions.

One of your primary responsibilities as a mentor and leader, is to provide training to your team. Whether this is through team meeting, documents, videos, or chatting on social media, continually offering new and fun ways to stay connected to the educational aspects of your business, will help team members feels engaged.

Encourage shameless self-promotion.

Because everyone is independent, no one is going to know how great things are going for you, unless you tell them. Encourage your team to share their successes in your team Facebook group. Maybe it’s about their table display, or a particularly great party, or where they just passed out a catalog or business card and got a new lead. Giving everyone permission to brag freely encourages a couple things.

First, when someone posts “Hey I just had a great party, let me tell you about it!” that person is going to get all kinds of congratulations from other team members. Second, showing how people are having success, may motivate others. Perhaps there is a little jealousy there, with a “if she can do it, so can I. I want to brag about my success too!” You are then duplicating your model of leadership, by encouraging everyone to be a leader.

Recognize and celebrate.

No success is too large, or too small. Did someone just have their launch party? Brag about them! Did someone just do her first vendor event, where she was so nervous? Post a picture of her display and congratulate her! Did someone just sponsor her first team member?

Congratulate them both, and make sure to call your new leader the very best choice in mentors the new consultant could have possible made. People love to be recognized publicly.

And for someone who is a bit more humble or shy, shameless self-promotion in #4 above, may not be their cup of tea. So you need to keep a watch, and brag for them. This will help establish YOU as a leader for celebrates the success of her team.

Create a no-drama/no-negativity team culture.

This starts and ends with the leader. If you allow negativity, drama, frustrations, or toxicity into your team, be it online through social media, or in person, it will spread. Setting the team tone and expectation directly and assertively, will help people know what is and isn’t allowed. People will of course have challenges and frustrations. Channel them appropriately to 1/1 conversations, keep it in perspective, and keep public team forums for positivity.

Connect with each team member personally.

People are all motivated differently. Take time to connect with each of your team members. Or if you team is too large, at least your first two levels. Ask about them personally, their children, jobs, etc. Care about them personally, more than just what volume they’re doing for the team.

Welcome new team members at all levels.

This may seem like a small thing, but building that personal connection with your team members makes a big impact to a new consultant. Phone call, email, Facebook message, welcome note in the mail… all will help that person feel important, and that you took the time to welcome them. If they are on your front-line, you should be also welcoming them personally to the entire team on your Facebook group. Recognize and celebrate!

Encourage collaboration vs. competition.

Direct sales is inherently competitive. We’re all looking for team members, customers, and hostesses. But the best leaders are going to promote collaboration first, and competition second. Information sharing at all levels, sharing success at all levels, recognition at all levels. Your team will know that you are encouraging everyone’s success, and it will help breakdown the barriers of competitively hoarding information.

Walk the talk.

Finally, be the role model. Be the change you wish to see in your team. When your team sees you doing the things above, working your business, sharing your successes, recognizing and celebrating others, connecting personally… they are going to want to continue to stay engaged and connect with you.

Ultimately, this comes down to leadership.

Whether your team is 2 or 2000, or if you work your business an hour a day or full-time. When you truly care about the success of your team members, they will see it. And they will want to help you be successful, because you are helping them be successful. Be a strong leader and people will be motivated to follow you. That is how you are going to successfully grow your business.

Looking for even more direct sales team motivation ideas? Check out our ever expanding collection of Team Building digital assets!

Have some of your own direct sales team motivation ideas? Become a vendor on Direct Creatives for FREE and start sharing them today!

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If you’re a direct seller, you already know that there are numerous sales tools for direct sellers and that efficiency is the name of the game. The more ways you can maximize time and efficiency, the better chance you’ll have to spend time on your income producing activities such as working with hostesses, booking parties, or seeking out vendor events.

Below are our favorite five sales tools for direct sellers.


Cinchshare is an online content scheduler, that allows you to schedule Facebook posts into your personal profile, pages, groups, and group events, as well as Instagram and Twitter. It provides an extensive image library and integrates with Canva. If time is money, then Cinchshare simply saves you time by allowing you batch your tasks more effectively, and post into your social channels at optimal times, including when you’re not online. Use our link for a 37-day free trial, with code CSSocialFree.

Sassy Direct

As far as sales tools for direct sellers, Sassy Direct ranks among the best for extending your sales funnels. Sassy Direct is the premier online marketing platform for direct and social sellers. The powerful microblogging platform is highly Google optimized, and helps extend your post reach by divesting your risk from working solely on Facebook. Consumers and prospects are searching Google for your products and brand right now - and Sassy Direct will help you get found, and pull people into your sales funnel quickly and easily. Get started with your 14-day free trial.


If you’re a party plan direct seller who does business primarily online, you already know that holding parties on Facebook can be challenging. Sqweee is the virtual venue for your direct sales events, with a highly interactive party platform. Your hostesses and consumers will love the engaging interface, which will lead to your higher sales and hostess rewards. Get started with a free trial using referral code SassySuite.

Direct Creatives

Why reinvent the wheel? Other direct sales consultants and leaders have already created a big repository of assets for you including checklists, coaching and party scripts, digital templates, graphics packs, worksheets, and ebooks. With the goal to work smarter, not harder, Direct Creatives is a multi seller platform that allows you to buy or sell to other social sellers. Try searching and see what’s available HERE or click HERE to sign up to become a vendor!


When you need to create your own graphics or marketing materials, PicMonkey is our favorite online graphics tool. With an easy to use interface and integrated mobile app, any materials you create in PicMonkey are saved to the “hub” for access anywhere.

Additional Sales Tools For Direct Sellers

Sales tools for direct sellers and entrepreneurs are forever evolving to help business owners achieve more in less time. It is important to research your sales tools to be sure they best fit the needs of not only your business, but also your personal needs.

What are some of your favorite sales tools for direct sellers and entrepreneurs? Tell us in the comments so we can check them out!

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