20 Templates You Can Create with Trello

Back in April, we introduced you to Trello, our new favorite business bestie when it comes to project management. If you read this post, you know that we have a lot of projects and moving parts to manage as a modern marketplace and how much Trello has helped us stay organized. It’s much more than just a simple project management tool and can help you in every aspect of your personal and business life. Keep reading for these 20 templates you can create with Trello and how you can stay organized with all the things.

Business Templates you can create with Trello


Trello can be used on your laptop, phone, tablet, and smartwatch so you can brain dump whenever you’re on the go. Our Founding Direct Creatives Insiders have been raving about Trello and all of the uses they’ve discovered! Any of these stick out to you as the first template you’re going to make? Share it with us over in our Facebook group! We’d love to see your first creation!

20 templates you can create with Trello

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