20 Digital Files You Can Sell Now

Thanks to 2020, many things have changed. The way people consume content and more specifically BUY content and products has drastically changed. The marketing for digital files has become increasingly popular as people search for ways to automate their lives. Here’s a peek at how you can leverage electronic products as an income stream with 20 digital files you can sell now. The good news is they aren’t hard to find. They may be sitting in a pretty likely place!

Direct Sellers know selling physical products can be time consuming and present many challenges. If you carry an inventory, then you are the order collector, packer, shipper, and in some cases, you’re the creator too. You may have created spreadsheets, templates, and more to track your orders and customers. There also may be some lead magnets in there that you’ve used to get folks on your email list or to opt in to an event invite.

And if you’re a team leader, we KNOW you have hundreds of things you’ve created for your team. You more than likely have a team group and you give them graphics to use or create trainings or courses for them. Have you ever heard that saying “give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”? Teaching your team to make graphics and tools helps them to not rely on you so much for the content.

Those that have a replicated website have it a bit easier, but in both cases, creating content to market your products adds additional responsibility. Chances are you’ve probably created a customer list that includes email addresses and the next follow up dates. These are the exact things you can monetize! If you’ve found success using them, then there is a market for them. Digital files are some of the easiest ways to monetize because they cost zero overhead and you already have them made!

Selling digital files are a fairly recent concept and live in a whole league of their own.

Digital products are easily stored, can be zipped for quick exchange, are more sustainable, are easy to create, and can be used over and over. Any content creator is capable of making digital files and anyone looking to create an additional stream of income can sell them. No inventory to hold, trips to the post office, and no physical products to track. All you need is a computer, a spark of creativity, some time, and confidence.

If you have something to share, you can easily be a creator and sell digital files. If you’ve ever made graphics for your own social channels, you ARE already a creator and can monetize on the digital folders sitting on your hard drive! No need to create new!

Digital Files You Can Sell Now:

  1. Graphics
  2. Photography
  3. Facebook/Sqweee Party Scripts
  4. Digital Art
  5. Sticker files
  6. Industry Reports
  7. Canva Templates
  8. PicMonkey Templates
  9. Instagram Stories Templates
  10. Crochet, Knitting, Craft Patterns/Templates
  11. Courses
  12. Meal Prep Templates/Plans
  13. e-Books
  14. e-Guides
  15. Labels
  16. Trainings or Workshops
  17. Customer Relationship Management Tools (CRM)
  18. Planners/Organizers
  19. New Team Member Onboarding Checklist/Process
  20. Party Hostess Coaching Template/Checklist

There are many more digital files you can sell but this list should get your creative wheels turning. Don’t reinvent the wheel; other direct sellers need to see what you’ve already created!

If you have any of these files sitting on your computer, you can sell them! So here’s a bit of homework. Head over to your computer and look at your files you use for your business. Come on over to our Facebook page and join the conversation by sharing what the last thing you created for your social content or team. Or share it below in the comments! We respond to EVERY one!

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Digital files you can sell now


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